He greets you with a contagious grin and seems to always be happy. How annoying! Just kidding… .He likes jokey, playful, flirty, colorful and fun. The Sagittarius man wants to get to know you but always keeps it friendly. His searing vision plunges the depths — don’t forget his sign follows Scorpio — but he tends not to linger on a heavy topic.
However he changes his tune when a fire is lit in his mind, and he has a zeal and intensity that’s striking. Sagittarius in love is big on action, but also the thrill of spirited conversation.
Be prepared for fast conversation shifts, as he does the tango with your mind. But don’t be a fool to the Sagittarius Dark Side, if you sense some red flags.

Things He Likes

  • Your hilarious off-hand observations.
  • Your passion for learning about something.
  • Your attempts to reach your personal best.
  • Ways you keep yourself inspired
  • Your independent spirit.
  • Your naturalness, frank talk, playful sexual flirtation.
  • Your spontaneity.

Direct Love Style

The Archer is very physical, so on first dates, he’ll be tuning in to your body, as well as your mind. He’s built for endurance and might suggest active dates that keep the focus on physical stamina. An unattached Sadge guy often sees sex as another area of play and exploration.
Don’t be surprised if he expects the Full Monty on the first date. This is where my emotionally sensitive readers should take note. The Sadge man doesn’t mean to be a love ’em and leave ’em type. But if his interest wanes after you’ve done the deed, he can’t fake it. Keep that in mind when you’re considering taking the plunge into bed together.
Truth be told, Sagittarius is one of the potential “players” of the Zodiac. I’ve known a few that had a kinky streak. Mainly, though, he’s interested in varied life experience. The saving grace is that he’s usually forthright about his desire to experience the terrain of many physical landscapes. If he tells you he’s not looking for anything serious, well, take his message to heart.
If you’re the jealous type, or looking for “The One,” be careful here. His innocent lust for you is charming, but keep in mind he might be seeking variety in romance. If you dive in with the secret hope that he’ll commit at some point, you could be let down. In some ways, Sagittarius never really settles down and is better suited with an equally free-wheeling partner.

Vision Quest

He wants to be “friends” first, and it’ll always have that partner-in-adventure feel to it if you keep it fresh. As a fire sign, he lives for inspiration and movement.
The Sagittarius mission is to stay light on his feet, to cover a lot of ground, and that’s why he doesn’t seek heavy duty relationship entanglements. He’s focused on the outer world, so it helps if you are too. That means a steady diet of culture, parties, events, races, trips and so on.
The Archer is the seeker, and you’ll see where his gaze is fixed. He might be an intellectual traveler or an athlete. The main thing is his sights are future-oriented, toward goals on the distant horizon.
This perspective keeps him always restless to learn more, do more, experience more. He’s a mutable man, so be prepared for him to be different, from one date to the next.
If you’ve got a similar stamina and are not freaked out by change, you may be able to keep up. If you’re just as inspired, then you’re likely the one to share his actively pursued dreams.

Fun and Games

The Sagittarius man loves to laugh, and you’ll get extra points for expanding his mind through humor. If you’re prone to negativity or shame spirals, this could be a deal breaker. He’ll appreciate you when you add to his spark. And he’ll vanish if you try to bring him down, or get him to see how tragic life is.
That’s why it’s best to keep first dates light. You win points by being philosophical about your life challenges. If the chemistry isn’t there, it’s no use trying to hang in there until something ignites. With Sagittarius guys, the physical attraction is just as important as having a dynamic rapport. If you hit a groove together on both scores, it could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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