Being ghosted by someone you love or care about is a terribly painful experience, but the worst part is that these ghosts tend to come back into our lives out of the blue. Why? Why do ghosts always return to their victims?

Is it because they regret everything they’ve done, or is it just because they feel lonely and want more fun? Unfortunately, in most cases it is the latter.

I’ve always wondered why ghosts do this. What is the real purpose of ghost images… I have studied this phenomenon and my research has led me to the following conclusions.

Ghosts are narcissists in disguise who just don’t care about other people’s feelings.

They are also cowards who lack the courage to face their problems, and they would rather sweep them under the rug or simply run away from them.

Their most significant trait is their indecision which does not allow them to have and maintain a serious relationship with another human being. They just don’t know what they want.

Why ghosts keep coming back: 5 common reasons

If this is the first time your ghost has returned, it’s perfectly normal for you to be riding an emotional roller coaster right now.

You couldn’t figure out why they left the way they did, and now you just can’t figure out why they came back after all.

It’s too confusing and messed up, I know. In fact, that’s exactly how these types of people are; really messed up.

Below is a list of a few common reasons why ghosts keep coming back, and I hope this helps you understand why your ghost has reappeared.

1. They are just bored and alone

So this is the most common reason ghosts keep coming back. They disappear when they miss you, and they reappear when they start to feel lonely.

It is an unhealthy game to play with a person who has romantic feelings for them. Plus, that’s exactly why they never want to end things with this person the ‘right way’.

The point is, a person who ghosted you for awhile never had genuine feelings for you in the first place. You are just a toy to them, a toy they think they can always take and play with.

2. They think you will always welcome them again

It’s not always great to be a nice person. People see you as a toy and then can play, have fun with it and give up whenever they are bored.

There are some very cruel people who will take advantage of your kindness and hurt you in the most painful ways.

The truth is, our ghosts from the past are such people. Just because you are always nice to them, they see it as a chance to treat you the way they want because they just think the door to your life will always be open to them.

If you keep giving them a second chance and let them in and out of your life whenever they want, it will just give them the right to continue breaking your heart, piece by piece.

3. They need a boost for the ego

Your ghost keeps coming back to you because you are their ego boost. They’ve probably experienced some disappointments in their love life, and they’ve come back to you to feed their egos.

So basically you are just food for their fragile egos. They guide you because they just need you to help them build and maintain their confidence.

The point is, if you let them keep appearing and reappearing in your life, you will lose your self-confidence. This is the worst feeling because it will cause you to lose yourself and your identity by the time they are done with you.

Before you even notice it, you will hide from yourself and lose touch with real life and others. You will also be unable to build and maintain a healthy, meaningful relationship with another person.

4. They wanna prove they can have you whenever they want

As much as they need you to boost their egos, they also want to use you to prove to you and the rest of the world that they can have you anytime they want.

Last year I met a nice guy and pretty soon we became friends. We talked about our love life, and he admitted to me that he ghosted his ex-girlfriend and that it wasn’t the first time he had done so.

He would ghost her for several weeks, but he would always come back to her in the end. He would just come back, and the next day they would start their relationship again as if nothing had happened.

I was really fascinated with their relationship and this whole situation.

I asked him, “Why are guys ghosting people, and what’s the point of ghosting someone you obviously have no serious intentions with?”

He was completely honest (although it changed my opinion that he was a nice guy).

He admitted he was doing it only to prove to his ex-girlfriend and their mutual friends that he could be with her when and where he wanted.

5. They reappeared for another connection

In most cases, they come back just because they want to have more fun. They just want to enjoy an unconditional relationship even more, and then they’ll likely disappear again.

The truth is, they will keep coming for casual dates as long as you let them. They will continue to invite you to Netflix and relax as long as you continue to accept the invitation.

Don’t let your mind go the wrong way… Yes, being a ghost hurts, but it will hurt you even more if you can’t come to terms with the fact that your ghost doesn’t love you the way you love him.

They just see you as a casual hookup, and that’s why they end things the way they do every time. Maybe they aren’t even aware of your feelings and think regular dating is good for you, too.

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