If you ask me, insecure men are a toxic form of “the One”. They are masters of making you feel like you are the only girl in the world and they are masters of covering up their insecure behavior with toxic behavior patterns.

Although most of them would never admit it, many men have very fragile egos that can be easily broken. To be more precise, insecure men have low self-esteem and a fragile ego that tries to hide at all costs.

You may not know it, but when a man is emotionally insecure, his insecure behavior impacts every aspect of his life.

Insecurity is usually triggered by past events

Something has probably happened to him in the past that caused him to be that way, and over time his insecurity has become one of the main reasons his relationships don’t work out.

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When you first meet this guy, you don’t see his real face right away.

Instead, he’ll likely be calm and mysterious, which will intrigue you and make you want to get to the bottom of all layers of his personality.

Nonetheless, over time you will notice that this man is unsure of himself.

You will find that he is in fact emotionally unavailable and carries a lot of emotional baggage that will become a huge burden on you before you know it.

I guess these are the questions running through your head right now:

  • What exactly are these hidden warning signs of an insecure man?
  • What are the clues that can help you determine if a man is having issues with your confidence and if you are dealing with an insecure partner?
  • How do you deal with a man who is insecure?
  • What are the main causes of insecurity?

Read on and find out.

Insecure men: what are the signs of insecurity?

The biggest sign of insecurity is low self-esteem. People with low self-confidence have a low opinion of their skills, abilities and may also have insecurities about their body image. A negative self-image is usually reflected in all aspects of their life.

If you google for the meaning of insecurity or what insecurity means, you will get this answer: unsure or anxious about yourself; not sure. However, low self-esteem isn’t the only sign of insecurity.

Other signs of insecurity:

  • Perfectionism
  • Anxious or avoidant attachment styles
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Job insecurity (poor job performance)
  • Self-isolation

Anxious or avoidant attachment styles

When it comes to romantic relationships, insecure people have a concerned or avoidant attachment style.

In other words, they have a broken approach to relationships. Those with an anxious attachment style tend to be emotionally dependent on their partner, fear being alone, and often have unrealistic expectations in a relationship.

They fantasize about being in a perfect relationship, which is not really possible because such relationships do not exist.

Those with an avoidant attachment style keep relationships superficial and avoid forming intimate bonds with their partners.

What are the main causes of insecurity?

The main causes of insecurity are lack of self-confidence, fear of failure and lack of confidence in others. A good dose of insecurity is desirable, but the problem arises when insecurities become constant and severe.

Low self-confidence, fear of failure and lack of confidence are influenced by many other factors of childhood or adulthood:

  • Divorced
  • A traumatic event
  • Bankruptcy
  • Environment
  • Loss
  • Media

I would like to refer to two things from this list and it is a traumatic event and the media. If a person has experienced something traumatic like betrayal in the past relationship, there is a good chance that they will have trust issues in the next relationship.

They will constantly be able to anticipate the worst. Each person will be a threat to them (be it their partner’s friend or a colleague). This will trigger their insecurities and cause them to overreact.

Another main cause of insecurity (perhaps the biggest cause of insecurity in general) is the media and social networks in particular.

If you haven’t noticed it until now, the media cleverly imposes this message on you: “You have to look ‘perfect’ or ‘exactly like that’ if you want to find a mate or if you want others. love you. ”

What does it do to you?

Well, you start to think that you’ll never be really happy if you don’t look like Irina Shayk or Robert Pattinson. Wait, you can look like Irina Shayk if you use the same products as her, right?

Or maybe you can’t? Does it make you feel a little insecure? Does it force you to think of other ways to make yourself feel more beautiful?

You can spend tons of your money trying to achieve perfection or trying to be what the media wants you to be, but the more you do it, the more insecure you’ll feel.

You are beautiful. You are worthy. You count.

Insecurity doesn’t make you who you are. The truth is, we all feel insecure from time to time, but not all of us are ready to stop for a moment and think about what is causing it. Well, now is the time to do it.

To understand = to overcome.

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