As there are only 2 months left in 2020, let’s see what the year still has in store for you.

It seems like a small period of time, but every minute can turn your life upside down.

Here’s what the final days of 2020 have to offer you based on your zodiac sign.

1. Aries

Right now, your life seems a bit disrupted. Looks like it’s all been thrown in the air, just to see how it comes back to you.

Your love life hasn’t been so great this year, but don’t lose heart, because over the past couple of months there will be a spark in your existing relationship or a new one will begin if you are single.

In terms of career, you will face challenges until the end of the year, but take this as extra motivation and look forward to promotion.

2. Taurus

You have worked hard throughout this year, but you don’t know which path you have taken.

You are afraid that the way you are going is not right, that you are going in the wrong direction.

Follow this uncertainty and don’t give up until you see the results of your hard work.

Sometimes the hard patch you choose is for improvement and the confidence you have in yourself.

At the moment it might not look like this, but in the last two months of 2020 the best will be released.

3. Gemini

For most Gemini, this year has been tough. Relationship, Career, and Life Changes – you’ve come a long way, a path that seemed so scary, but it will pay off for you now.

As you move forward into 2020, just believe in yourself and you may have found a new relationship. You deserve it.

4. Cancer

It seemed like the worst year to date. “How did I survive so far?”, is the only thing you wonder.

But it will get better.

Just because it wasn’t great to begin with doesn’t mean it won’t be your favorite year yet.

When winter comes, you will thrive the most. Hold on until then.

5. Leo

2020 has been a bit difficult so far because you have been trying to find each other throughout the year.

Dating is out of the question and relationships are your worst nightmare. But remember – when it rains and it looks like everything is dark, that’s when you outdo yourself.

You are as happy as possible with your own space – happily beating your own drum. On love?

Now, it’s going to come into your life and eventually stay, and you can’t get away from it.

6. Virgin

You have made great strides in your career. As impossible as it may seem, you have overcome many obstacles and come a long way.

The last two months of 2020 will remain the same and you can finally take a break and be proud of yourself.

Regarding love, you have invested so much in someone who is still not sure about your relationship.

At the end of this year, that person will finally improve their game or you will let them go.

7. Balance

The injury could have been a big and permanent mark lately. The deep wounds that made a home in you will take a while to heal and eventually leave you for good.

The key to healing is remembering – it’s okay to feel everything so deeply and so deeply.

It is not a romantic relationship that will help you heal, but how you choose to spend your free time and how you approach situations.

8. Scorpio

You’ve always had a more mature way of looking at life. Not everyone your age seemed mature enough for you and that made you a lone wolf, going to drum your drum unaffected.

However, in the last couple of months of the year, you will finally meet someone who is going to change a lot of things for you, and no matter how many times you’ve played it safe before, it may not work this time around.

9. Sagittarius

In every possible aspect, this year might have caused great damage.

You might have held onto an old love for the longest time, hoping they would magically come back in your life, basically not giving up on them, and wishing for them they have wronged you and they love you.

You don’t deserve to be hurt by the same old.

You will finally move on by the end of the year, and meet the person who will actually treat you the way you deserve.

10. Capricorn

This year you have finally found the love in your life. You had obstacles, but you really like this person.

Well, the question is are you ready to spend the rest of your life with this person?

11. Aquarius

The next couple of months will bring back people you have had a bitter fallout with.

You are no longer the same person. You’re more mature now, but they’ll just focus on how you’ve wronged them.

Don’t let others dictate you or your thoughts. Their opinions shouldn’t hurt your sanity. Just know that they are unable to handle how far you have come, and you will be fine in the end.

12. Pisces

All that you have given love so far this year will pay off. In the last two months of 2020, you are going to let go of everything that held you back in the past.

But as you step forward, watch out for things that might come knocking on the door.

Trust your decisions and the road traveled. There is no going back. You deserve all the happiness that the end of the year brings you now.

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