Most of us know that people tend to display an idealized version of their lives on social media. Among the worst offenders are couples who endlessly profess their love for each other by uploading pictures of themselves living their best lives. Now, Let’s Know What It Means When Couples Constantly Post About Each Other On Social Media

Yet many couples who seem to have the perfect relationship on social media may actually be masking a darker side of their day to day lives. Social scientists believe that over-posting about your partner may actually be a symptom of relationship insecurity, according to a study published by the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

For scientists, having very high “relationship visibility” online is a reflection of an anxious attachment to a partner that requires constant reassurance of commitment to the relationship. The study looked at 108 college couples over the course of two weeks and found that people tend to make their relationships more visible on social media when they feel insecure about their partner’s feelings.

We all know that couple on social media: They barrage us with #tbts of their last vacation and over-fawning anniversary posts, and they love reminding followers that they’re #couplegoals personified.

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It is possible that your partner may get annoyed with the other for interrupting intimacy with endless social media interaction.

“Social media is an opportunity for people to turn away from the relationship and toward some other stimulus. It makes sense why people do it; there’s plenty of data about the dopamine hit that comes from getting ‘likes’ or reshares.”

Whether a person overshares for the thrill of the “likes” or as a result of insecurity about the relationship, there is no definitive reason why some people feel the need endlessly post about their relationship.

If you are a stranger who is bothered by the messages, remember that people tend to publish only the highlights of their lives, not the weak points. And finally, there is no definitive reason why some people share so many boastful messages.

Ultimately, it is human nature to want to show your best side. Couples are no different, so regardless of a person’s relationship status, social media and reality don’t often go hand in hand.

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