What are you looking for in a relationship? What are the qualities that you would like your partner to have? You should ask yourself these questions before entering a new relationship
Even though these questions seem easy enough and harmless enough, I’m sure they would catch most of us off guard. This is exactly the reason why so many relationships fail these days.
All of these online dating, social media and virtual life leave very bad consequences on our social lives. It all just messed up our priorities and we all forgot what a healthy relationship should look like.
It has become so difficult to maintain a long term relationship in these modern times because people are starting to lose touch with their real life and we have forgotten what our priorities should be in a romantic relationship.

What are you looking for in a relationship?

If someone asked you right away, “What are you looking for in a relationship?” What would your answer be?
Please don’t say real love or chemistry because it’s such a cliché. On the other hand, if you have no answer to this question at all, you should immediately have a serious and deep conversation with yourself.
It is especially important to have this question answered if you have a potential partner. If you leave this question unanswered, then your potential relationship is doomed for sure.
I know we all want to find the right person who we can be ourselves with. We all want to find our soul mate, the person who will accept us for who we are and stay with us no matter what.
However, before we even start looking for the right person, we need to define what the concept of a soul mate means to us. You need to determine and define what you are looking for in a relationship.
Defining it is really important because if you don’t do it on time, you can spend your whole life in a miserable relationship with the wrong person.
A lot of people think it’s not necessary at all because they believe that a person always knows when they meet their soul mate. This kind of thinking is a decisive factor in maintaining a healthy and serious relationship with another person.
Once you dig your own heart deeper, you’ll be able to say what you’re looking for in a relationship, which will definitely pave the way for your soulmate.
This is also precisely the purpose of the first dates. This is how we can meet a little more our potential partners and check your love compatibility.
So have a long and serious conversation with yourself. Remember your past relationships. Try to remember the reasons why all of these relationships ended. I am sure it will help you find the answer to this very important question.

What to look for in a relationship: 4 essentials for a healthy relationship

I’m sure most “relationships today” fail because people don’t really know what they want in a romantic relationship. These things differ from person to person; However, here are the most important things and values you should look for in a relationship:

1. Emotional maturity

You need that kind of relationship where you and your partner aren’t afraid to openly communicate your feelings. You need a partner who can handle and control their own emotions.
If you want a serious relationship, both parties need to have a good understanding of who they are. The two partners must be equally supportive and empathetic.
Being emotionally mature also means that you always take responsibility for your actions and know how wrong it is to blame others for your own failures. It also means that you own your mistakes and never run away from them.
Emotional maturity will also help you establish healthy boundaries that are essential for a healthy and happy relationship. It will really be much easier to maintain a good relationship with an emotionally mature person.

2. Be treated with respect

It’s definitely something we should all be looking for in a romantic relationship. If you allow others to disrespect you, it will only show that you don’t respect yourself either.
Moreover, a relationship without mutual respect is not sure to succeed. Your significant other needs to understand that you have different needs, interests, and perspectives on things in life, and they all need to be respected.
It’s so easy to tell someone you respect them, but acting with respect is what matters, and it’s much harder. If you share mutual respect, it will keep your relationship healthy and you will be a very happy couple for sure.

3. Regular communication

This is also really important for a healthy and happy relationship. Both partners should be honest, direct, and forthright when something is bothering them in the relationship.
If your partner is the type of person who doesn’t have good communication skills, you should try to make them feel more comfortable with you and open up to you.
A partner should never guess what is going on with the other. It is very important to know how to express your emotions, positive and negative, as well as some other things that bother you, but in a healthy way. It means communicating about it and avoiding getting into unnecessary conflicts.

4. Honesty

Online dating has become very popular today. A lot of people are looking for their soul mate on Tinder or other social media.
Unfortunately, most of them post fake photos and information about themselves on these dating sites because they want to appear to have a better fit with their potential partner. It’s a fact that a lot of people fake their personalities on their dating profiles.
These dating apps and all this virtual life allow people to not be honest about themselves, and this is the main cause of so many broken relationships these days. This is also the reason why these relationships tend to be more short-term.
Definitely the number one quality you should look for in a romantic partner is honesty. If you catch your partner lying too often, it’s a clear red flag that they don’t have serious and genuine intentions with you.

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