The Venus Leo and Taurus match brings together two artisans of life, with a demanding edge.
They are both stubborn fixed signs, and can clash with the square they form. However, this friction can keep it tasty and fresh, and always growing.

Venus Leo-Taurus Sweet Treats

physical affection; material comforts; massage and steam/sauna; gourmet creations; comedy and drama; solid ambition; quality vs. luxury; primal + passion = healthy sex life.

Trouble in Paradise

lazy streaks; malaise and disrespect; arguments about spending habits; realist and big dreamer.

Ruler of Love

With your Venus in Leo, you’re a proud lover that find Venus Taurus one to promise you a kingdom with stable roots. The compatibility is in your rhythm – both are fixed signs. Leo and Taurus are pleasure-seekers, and have the drive to get what they want.
You see a mate who shares your love of artisan creations, and possibly a cozy home full of creature comforts. Your Venus Taurus lover wants an enduring relationship, built-to-last from the ground up. You tend to the flourishes, while your mate tests everything for soundness.

  • Venus Taurus Love Compatibility
  • Venus Leo Love Compatibility

First Dates

But let’s look at the getting to know you phase. Your Venus makes you a show off, and to impress, you drop names and accomplishments. It’s not all ego either — you want to show yourself in the best light. And in doing so, get a response from your crush. You’d like to see signs that your new flame think you’re somehow remarkable.
Your new lover is way more subdued. Taurus is a mellow earth sign that is more likely to demonstrate affection than to be effusive with compliments. If Venus Taurus shows contentment, that’s a sure sign things are going well. Is this enough for you Venus Leo? Are you waiting for the outbursts of passion? You’re a fire sign and want fireworks to go off. If you’re as patient as your Taurus lover, you’ll get it eventually!
Venus Taurus is known for its melodious voice. It’s also a sign that puts discipline into its creations. They admire what’s carefully brought to fruition. Keep this in mind, as one of your natural assets, Venus Leo. You likely have many creative pots on the stove. You show Venus Taurus how to put more of their unique flavor into the brew. And your lover organically gets you into a groove of doing your own thing, as best you can.
As a Venus Leo lover, you’re more apt to be impulsive and take risks, while Venus Taurus is slow and sure-footed. This deliberate way makes your mate seem conservative with money, while you tend to be a big spender. Many couples fight about money, but your bouts could be epic. You may think your lover is closed up to sharing, while your Venus Taurus love is alarmed by your expensive tastes.
Is your lover stingy or merely willing to forgo instant gratification for a more satisfying, long range goal? Where is the compromise here that’ll make you both happy?

Life as a Work of Art

What lives in this pairing is a shared love of what’s beautifully crafted, one-of-a-kind. You and your Venus Taurus beloved are physically affectionate, and there’s plenty of sexual tension. The sparks generated between you are raw material for moving together through it – either in the bedroom, as parents or making your mark in the world.
Venus is Taurus’ ruler, and you’ll get more clues about their attractions by reading Taurus in Love. Leo’s planetary ruler is the mighty Sun, for enthusiastic outbursts and temper flares. Leo in love is at times self-centered, especially if the Lion feels disrespected.
Taurus and Leo can get bogged down in drama.
Being able to forgive each other and move on from drama is key. Leo and Taurus are signs that tend to hold on, form deep resentments and carry them on to the next round. With two such stubborn natures, set in a square aspect, things can get down and dirty.
What matters is making through these raw, messy moments, and finding your foundation of dignity again. Over time, the tensions of your match become a creative force for momentum, as you learn to direct it productively in service of the realm.

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