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Uncomfortable Signs You’re Actually Ready For A Real Relationship are: 

1. Casual hookups don’t appeal to you anymore.

Once upon a time, you were comfortable with someone who loved you, who was attracted to you and who you got along with. Now, you can’t even bear the thought of living a half-ass relationship. You’ve finished giving your precious body, time and energy to someone who may or may not even call or text you the next day, despite the fact that you really want that person and you are using them same for the same reasons or not. You prefer to focus on yourself until you meet someone who is constantly striving to earn your love instead.

2. You’re turned off from anybody who tries to play games with you.

You value honesty so much that you simply don’t have space in your life for anyone who isn’t going to be real with you from the beginning. You’re sick of playing hard-to-get while impatiently waiting to see who reaches out first. You’re over questioning why someone feels confident enough to walk in and out of your life whenever they goddamn, please. You stop wondering if the person you like actually gives a damn about you or how well you slept. You’re ready for consistent “good morning” and “good night” texts, and you’re even more ready to hear the words whispered in your ear every morning when you wake up and every night before you fall asleep.

3. You’d rather be one half of the couple at the dinner table than one of the friends grabbing drinks at the bar.

Of course, we all need to enjoy life with friends every once in a while, but that’s not what this is about. You’re beyond ready to spend Friday and Saturday nights with your significant other while your friends are out getting drunk and stressing over guys who haven’t texted them back yet. You wish you were sharing your dreams and goals with someone who can experience and commit to these future plans with you rather than talking to random people at the bar. When you go out, you find that you’d rather be the girl over there sitting across a candlelit table from the love of her life. And when you’re done for the night, you wish you could come home to someone who can’t wait to see you instead of an empty, dark apartment.
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4. You’ve become so strong by yourself, but you miss sharing a deeper connection.

You did the independent work and integrated the lessons you needed to feel alone. But although you are comfortable in your loneliness, it is no longer enough. When you watch your high school classmate’s wedding videos and see couples posting information about each other on social media, you find yourself feeling a certain way. And it’s not because you hate them. It’s because you want what they have. Call it jealousy, or call desire – you don’t “need” anyone else to make you happy, but you’re tired of being single. You want to be with someone who proudly shows you the world. You want to smell butterflies when you open your phone to see that the person you are dating has shared a heartfelt photo of you with a heartfelt caption that expresses your beauty. You are ready to face the ups and downs of everyday life with the love and support of someone else, even if you have grown so painfully used to doing it alone.

5. You absolutely refuse to settle for less and starts to crave more.

You know that you are ready for a real relationship because, for the first time in a very long time, you need more than what you have received and what you have felt. You are ready to reconnect with the love songs. You’re ready to inspire yourself to create art and rewrite poetry. You are ready to be vulnerable and to reveal your darkest secrets and deepest desires to someone who has truly earned your trust. You are ready to step out of your comfort zone and take the risks that could lead you to gape, crazy, crazy, deeply in love. You are ready for so much, so much more, and you are finally ready to stop accepting anything and everything less than what you really deserve.

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