No, true love will not knock on your door in the middle of the night and wake you from a bad dream. True love will also not come to you when you are not prepared or ready to experience it.
When real love arrives, chances are you won’t recognize it at first. You’ll think it’s just another romance that’s probably doomed to fail in a few months.
At some point you’ll think about giving it up, and that’s when you’ll find that all this time, it was true love.
Mysterious. Inspiring. Powerful. Transformative.
True love is all of these (and more), which is why it’s worth the fight and the wait.

Don’t let your past romantic endeavors put you off!

I’m ashamed to say how many times I’ve repeated this phrase to myself: I’ll never meet the one that’s right for me; this famous unicorn man who will make me forget all the romances of my past because, all of a sudden, they will become meaningless.
I used to think that true love only existed in cheesy romantic movies created to make people feel a little better about themselves and their failed romances.
I have met men who were legitimate gamers, commitment phobias, indecisive men, you name it. I was taken for granted, I was cheated and I was disappointed in love.
The last three words of the previous sentence are essential. How can you even be disappointed with something you haven’t even experienced?
I realized that the main reason people lose hope in true love is because they compare it to their previous romantic endeavors.
Believe me, everything you have experienced so far has nothing to do with true love. Don’t let your past romantic efforts influence your perspective on love.
Don’t make assumptions about something you haven’t experienced yet. Moreover, I am not saying it will be easy.
True love is hard work, but it is TOTALLY worth it!
I used to think of the concept of true love as something that suddenly happens, takes you away, heals all your wounds and restores faith in humanity.
I realized that I had watched too many romantic movies with “happily ever after,” where the portrayal of love is anything but realistic.
Now that I can proudly say that I have experienced (and still experience) the magic of true love, I can tell you one thing: true love is not easy. It’s hard work, but it’s totally worth it!
There will be times when you think there is no point in pursuing it any longer. You’ll be challenged in so many ways that you’ll have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not in some misdirected comedy.
You will go through so many ups and downs, questioning your beliefs, changing your perspective, etc. Do you know why?
Because true love does it all. It is divine, stimulating and uplifting at the same time. You experience it for a reason, and that reason is beyond you.

True love is the most difficult of all.

This may sound a bit contradictory to many of you, but I assure you it’s the truth. Once you experience the unconditional love with the right one for you, you will go through a series of obstacles and challenges both personally and in your relationship.
Before I tell you why, let me give you an example. Just think of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, Allie and Noah from The Notebook, or Peeta and Katniss from The Hunger Games.
Even though I said that romantic movies have nothing to do with real depictions of real love, some do (to an extent, of course). All of the movies mentioned above had some major twists and there were plenty of challenges for lovers.
Yes, it would be unrealistic to say that every great love in the real world is an added challenge. Some of them are more difficult, while others are less so. The question is: why is this so?
There are two main reasons why such love is the most difficult of all:

1. These deep connections are filled with intense emotions.

True love is extremely passionate in every aspect and sense of its meaning. When you connect with another person on such a deep level, you start to experience intense emotions.
This means that even the most insignificant things can turn into raging flames. Why? Because you care too much. You feel too intensely.
True love is the most difficult of all because it is addicting, intense and also demanding. The more you learn about each other, the more connected you become.
It’s so easy to get addicted to that euphoric feeling of something bigger than you. Something too divine and impossible to describe in words.

2. The role of your soul mate is to help you grow.

True love happens for a reason. There is a reason you met this special someone at this time in your life. Your soul mate’s entry into your life has not been random. It happened because you are ready to grow and they are there to help you.
Your soul mate’s role is to push you to your limits, challenge your perspectives, improve your thinking, and help you become who you are meant to be.
This is why true love is worth fighting for.

When you experience true love, you will come into contact with your true self.

You will be challenged and provoked for a reason. The best synonym for true love would be EVOLVING if I had to choose.
Of course, love isn’t just about that. It consists of all those cozy moments that we have dreamed of living with our beloved such as:
Looking deep into their eyes and knowing what they are thinking even without asking them.
Pillow fights in the morning because someone has to get up first and you don’t want to be that person.
Deep and meaningful conversations that will invoke Aristotle, who has been hiding in you all this time.
Long hugs, heartfelt romantic gifts, you name it …
True love is all of this (and more), and that’s why it’s worth the fight and the wait!
It’s about YOU and THEY getting in touch with your real self. It’s about motivating yourself to do your best every day, sharing your deepest thoughts, contradicting yourself, laughing together …
True love is worth fighting and waiting for, because it is the only way to experience true happiness.

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