Do you know what is the one thing that can make a man or woman make impulsive decisions?
What is the one thing that can make you forget to be grateful for what you have and thirst for something new? This is the allure of the forbidden fruit.
When two people decide to get married, they think of nothing other than making each other happy. They can’t wait to spend more time together, (possibly) have kids (or not), and connect on a deeper level.
Marriage is one of the most beautiful things in the world because it makes you feel like you belong, you are taken care of, and you are one with your significant other.
Yet every marriage has its own ups and downs. The allure of the forbidden fruit does not strike you overnight.
There is something that prompts partners to start thinking about alternatives and finding happiness elsewhere.
There is something that causes partners to choose to have a secret affair instead of saving their marriage.

Why does business happen in weddings?

Why do married partners choose to cheat on their spouse at some point? What is the only thing that prompts them to do it? Or, are there other things that motivate them to seek alternative romance?
One of the main reasons that affairs occur in marriages is when a spouse (or both spouses) starts to miss something in their marriage without telling the other.
We can also link this to a lack of healthy communication.
There are many factors that can influence a marriage and turn it into a nightmare, and some of them are: busy schedules, lack of time spent together, and lack of effort in the marriage.
Once a marriage no longer provides certain elements that are crucial to the happiness of each spouse, they decide to find those elements elsewhere.
Now the real question is: why don’t spouses choose to fight for their marriage and tell their partner about it?
I cannot give you the correct answer to this question because it varies from person to person.
What I can tell you is that one of the possible reasons spouses avoid talking to their partner about what is missing in their relationship is that they want to avoid conflict.
Here is the problem with marriages. As long as you refuse to admit that you have a problem in the marriage, everything is fine.
Yeah, everything is perfect, but only on the surface. If you scratch the surface you will notice that everything starts to melt and show its true colors.
Yet there are also spouses who speak out, but their significant other either does not listen or does not want to understand the gravity of the situation they find themselves in.

Shocking, but true: Business also happens in happy marriages.

Imagine a couple who have everything they need for a decent life and a happy marriage.
They are financially stable, they are supported by their families, they respect each other, complement each other, etc.
So what would motivate one of them to choose to start looking for a secret affair? I’ll give you some time to guess for yourself. The answer is: something DIFFERENT.
You could be the richest couple in the world with the best jobs and the biggest house, and be blessed with unconditional love, but it all means nothing when a partner decides they want something different than that. .
This “different” doesn’t have to be better or worse. What matters is that it is different from what they have now in their marriage and in their lives in general.
I have seen couples from happy marriages live together for years and both have secret lovers.
In fact, recently one of the married men texted me asking if I was interested in “getting to know him better” (if you understand my drift).
This is what I told him: out of respect for your wife and your child, I will never have anything with you.
He respected my decision and didn’t take it any further. One more thing… I was really interested in why he would do such things behind his wife’s back, so I openly asked him about it.
He told me this: I used to think that you can fall in love with your spouse and be happy for the rest of your life with him. Now I see that is impossible because human beings are not supposed to be in love with one person for the rest of their life. It’s in their nature to always look for something different from what they have.
I was really amazed by his response and started to think that maybe, after all, there is some truth.
Perhaps the nature of the human desire to seek variety is the one to blame for seeking affairs outside of marriage.
Maybe these spouses are still in love with each other, but they have to appease their human desire for variety in order to be completely happy in marriage. Hmm …

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