Funny girls … oh, we’re the best! Not really. You can make fun of us, and we won’t all be dramatic to you. In addition, living with us is usually a big laugh. What more could you expect from life? We would make almost every day unforgettable, and that’s not all …

1. We will make fun of you.

But do not take it to heart. We would never say anything that really hurts you, so take our jokes about how long it took you to finally ask us or how often you wear this t-shirt with stride. A girl who is comfortable enough to make fun of you without having to worry about being embarrassed is a girl who is definitely in you. Embrace it – make fun jokes and you will surely win our hearts. Think of it as our strange way of flirting with you.

2. Yeah, we are intense, but we don’t take anything seriously too.

A funny girl can intimidate some people. Maybe it’s because we make vaginal jokes with confidence, or because we’re pretty much at ease in front of any crowd – even the most difficult. We tend to make everything a big problem for laughs, but that doesn’t mean we think everything is a big problem. Either way, it can be intimidating for some people and things can be lost during translation. The fact is that we don’t usually sweat the little things and are often the ones who dissolve awkward situations. Do not be afraid to approach something – awkward or not – as it is more than likely that we will laugh about it.

3. But don’t get us wrong – we take things seriously what means the most to us.

Behind all our laughter, sarcasm and playful attitude, there is a lot of depth. Just because we don’t tend to take most things seriously doesn’t mean we don’t get to work when it comes to what matters. Whether it’s family, relationships, jobs, or performance gear, we don’t care about the things that matter most to us. We are not the type to laugh at a funeral or joke when a friend is injured. In fact, it may be in our nature to be even more protective of the things that matter to us, because we know that is what matters in life. We are passionate people, and in the end, we will give everything to feed and cherish our family, friends, and everything that keeps us human.

4. Quick survival tip for you: Do. Not. Ever. Question our sense of humor.

This is a fatal error and you shall suffer the wrath of the ‘Funny Girl’, should you ever sport doubt on your naïve face.

5. Be prepared for late nights.

The world of comedy was created with night birds in mind. Whether we have a sketch show premiere, or we try to stand-up, or that we perform with an improvisation set… having a start of the week after 9:00 pm is not necessarily out of the ordinary. Get ready for a girl who loves her late nights and strong coffee. Balancing a late nightlife can be difficult, and although we don’t expect you to join us every time, we won’t exactly hate if you want to come with us as we have a drink after a show with our wacky friends. More than likely, we will be quite tired all the time and we would like someone to snuggle up to us and watch an unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with us. An evening after a few evenings of a week doing comedy can be as good as gold.

6. There is more behind our laugh.

A funny girl is more than you see. As I said before, we are deep people. I remember a wonderful improv teacher who always said that we probably make fun of high school – and this is probably true for most of us! We are more than witty and quick jokes – we have our problems to deal with and when we get close to someone, we are not afraid to share these deep secrets that inspire us to improve every day. We are constantly in a vulnerable state as we put ourselves in place every week, but we don’t always admit it. We have our whims, and while we can be one to bring a party to life, there are also dark days. Sometimes a funny girl needs a break to make people happy and needs others to support her happiness.

7. We are good listeners.

It is our job to listen. We listen to the conversations of strangers, the stories of our best friends, our mothers, and fathers, and just about anything and everything around us. We’re constantly grabbing real-life material, so don’t be surprised if you’re part of a stand up set, or if something you said last week becomes an inspiration for a front line in a show. Anyway, if you have something to tell us, we listen to each of your words, your body language, and your tone to assess how we should respond to it. What you have to say is important to us and we are not one to dismiss what you say. So make sure that if you tell us something, you mean it.

8. We are probably (definitely) funnier than you.

And we have no shame in reminding you of this. In fact, it just brings joy to make you laugh. It gives us even more joy when you can make us laugh, but don’t try too hard. A funny girl likes it when you’re just yourself. There is not much thought in our conversational jokes, and we appreciate it when you humor us – even when we are not funny.

9. We have a heart of gold.

A funny girl will buy you a beer, steal your heart and kiss your mother as soon as she meets her. We are good original girls, so don’t take advantage of us. We are unadorned, silly and charming ladies who would do anything for everyone we love. Including yourself.

10. We hate confrontation.

If we are confronted, we will retreat to our cozy little corner of dark humor and sarcasm that only we can ever understand. So yes, you have been warned.

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