I was a woman who relied only on a man’s words. If a man said he really loved me, I wouldn’t question him. If he said those three words, I wouldn’t question his “ultimate affection.”

Maybe I didn’t want to complicate matters by stepping into an area of over-thinking, so I subconsciously decided to go with the flow and listen to their words instead of paying attention to their actions and, most importantly, their. BODY LANGUAGE.

I capitalized the terms body language to emphasize its often underestimated importance. I learned this the hard way.

If I had paid more attention to what their bodies were telling me, I wouldn’t have experienced so many twists and turns, the disappointment of fleeting romances and the unnecessary suffering of modern encounters.

Luckily I know how to turn my mistakes into valuable life lessons and stories that will help others (you) avoid going through the same things.

“Body language is much more powerful than words.” – Ricky Gervais

We often forget that body language is also part of our communication and the way we exchange thoughts and feelings. Our facial expressions can say a lot about how we are feeling at a certain moment without needing to say a single word.

Our bodily movements can tell others whether we are feeling uncomfortable, disappointed, vulnerable, happy, in love, or not in love.

“Body language is a very powerful tool. – Deborah Bull

The funny thing is, we often don’t pay attention to other people’s body movements, even though they are 80% of what we understand in conversations.

Maybe I should rephrase this as follows:

Either we don’t know what a certain body language sign says about other people’s feelings and intentions, or we subconsciously decide to ignore it and rely on other aspects of communication such as words.

And that’s how, ladies, you end up thinking too much: he seemed a little reserved yesterday, but he said he loved me a few days ago. When we’re together, he barely looks me in the eye, but he texts me every day how much he cares about me.

If you really like this guy, there’s a good chance you’ll unintentionally decide to ignore all of his negative body language signs. By doing this, you end up living in an illusion, convincing yourself that everything is going well.

And then after awhile you realize that you were wrong in making yourself believe that this guy really cared about you when in reality you felt the exact opposite. His body language was desperately trying to tell you, but you refused to recognize it.

If he really loves you, his body language will confirm it!

When a guy really likes you and finds you attractive, he:

a) Tell you openly and honestly as soon as possible.

b) tells you after a while.

c) DO NOT tell you.

Lord knows these guys in category a) are in the minority. The only time a guy would say exactly what he wants to say and what he feels at the most reasonable time possible is when he knows exactly what he wants and when he’s not afraid to express. his feelings.

The chances of this happening are extremely rare, if not nonexistent. That’s why we have the second category of guys who decide to tell you how they feel about you after awhile, which is, in a way, good.

The most difficult category of all is the last one. When a man doesn’t tell you about how he feels about you, there’s nothing you can do about it but rely on the older “romance method” called over-thinking.

You can waste tons of your time trying to figure out what exactly is going on in her head and how you can help her open up to you. There is nothing worse in the universe than falling in love with someone who is clearly not on the same page as you.

Well, you can either do all of that or pay attention to what his body language says about him. When his words fail to convey his feelings, his body certainly won’t.

Here are some of the most obvious body language signs that he secretly loves you:

  • He can’t help but every time he smile looking at you.

It’s one of those stupid smiles when you and you have no idea why he’s in smile mode all the time. Don’t get angry because it’s a good thing. His body language tells you he can’t help but feel energetic and give off positive vibes in your business.

  • He corrects his appearance.

Why would he do that if he didn’t care about you, right? Obviously, he wants to impress you with how he looks, and that’s why he needs to make sure to fix his hair and outfit.

  • His legs and hands are shaking.

Well, it’s really embarrassing, but it can happen to anyone who really loves the person they spend time with. His legs and hands will obviously shake and you might think he’s having a seizure. Don’t worry, he isn’t. Nervousness is one of the biggest signs that it’s totally inside you.

  • It touches you subtly.

Never underestimate the power of a subtle touch. The reason a man touches you subtly is because his brain tells him to. He has this strong urge to be as close to you as possible, so even a subtle touch will give him the satisfaction he wants.

If he doesn’t like you, his body language won’t deny it

If a man isn’t in you, the first signs you’ll notice are: making lame excuses, acting super weird, sending mixed signals, waiting too long to text you, boring yourself in any way you can.

Even though we are keenly aware of all of these things when they happen, we still can’t help ourselves but start making excuses for his behavior like: Oh, he’s probably too busy, and that’s why he doesn’t m did not send an SMS. He’s probably had a bad day, and that’s why he’s acting weird.

NO MAN is too busy to text you. Everything else is just excuses.

NO MAN can have such a bad day that they will feel weird for the next few weeks. Everything else is just excuses.

You have a choice here. You can believe what he is telling you and keep making excuses for his behavior OR you can focus on what his body language is saying about him. I recommend doing the latter.

Here are some telltale signs of body language that you don’t like:

  • He avoids eye contact like the plague.

If you notice a man avoiding eye contact, that’s a huge red flag. He’s doing this because he’s obviously not interested in what you have to say to him. He just pretends to listen to you while his mind wanders into other spheres, like thinking about drinking with his buddies later.

  • He became a pro at faking his smile.

If there’s something I hate the most in life, it’s fake laughter. Why the hell would you pretend to smile? So that others feel good about themselves? Or, to hide some of your underhanded intentions? I bet it does, that’s how you know he’s not worthy of your time or attention.

  • His arms are crossed.

If his arms are crossed when he’s with you (assuming it’s not cold) it means the following: Woman, I’m trying to create some sort of barrier between you and me. Do not you see it?

He will do it when he feels uncomfortable with your business and obviously isn’t on the same page as you.

  • He is scratching his hair.

If you see a man scratching his hair while talking to you, know that he is TOTALLY confused and probably not inside you, but he has no idea how to tell you. Yeah.

Your best friend is body language because words are overrated

Let’s be honest. Men can tell us whatever they want … they can pretend to be something they are not and they can keep hiding things from us. But, they will never know that one thing is not under their control, and that is their body language.

We live in an age where words have never been so overdone, so it’s time to step up your game and incorporate body language signs into your romantic endeavors.

Protect yourself from the cruelty of unrequited love, commitment phobes, gamers, narcissists and other types of men who are not worthy of your overthinking and tears, let alone your affection.

So if in doubt, don’t make any excuses for his shitty behavior, but check his body language signs and you’ll know exactly what’s going on in his mind.

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