I’m not sure exactly how it turned out, but the truth is that our romance culture does some things about love that aren’t great at all.

There are some deceptive beliefs about relationships that many young people believe to be true, but they are actually quite toxic.

1. Bad boys get good

The next thing you need to stop romanticizing ASAP are bad boys. You must be familiar with the concept of beauty and the beast.

There you are, a well-bred girl from a good family, with all the straight guys as far back as you can remember.

You were always protected and taken care of.

And then there is him, a rebellious and adventurous young man who is always on the verge of the law.

There is a problem and you know it. Basically, you have nothing in common except this overwhelming passion that draws you towards each other.

Does this sound like a cliché? Law?

Well, it happens all the time and it is greatly romanticized in popular culture.

However, instead of turning your bad boy into a good boy, you’re more likely to end up being an abuser, a drug addict, or at the very least an immature boy who refuses to grow up forever.

Nothing romantic about it, is it?

2. Jealousy is something positive

When you see that a man is jealous of your ex or your male friends, you think to yourself, “Wow, this guy must be so inside me.

To be honest, it flatters you that he’s so afraid of losing you.

He doesn’t want to share your attention with anyone and wants you entirely for himself.

He must love you so much, right? Well, this is wrong!

There is nothing romantic about jealousy as it can be potentially dangerous.

You’ll be trapped in a toxic relationship with a control freak before you know it.

You might like to spend all your time with this guy now, but trust me, as soon as the butterflies are gone you’ll want to go out as well.

Just wait for him to start banning you from going out, dressing the way you want, and spending time with your friends.

Instead of being flattered, you will feel suffocated and tied up.

3. Guys are naturally emotionally unavailable

I hate being the one to break your bubble, but it has to be said: your love cannot change a man.

Run for your life as soon as you spot emotionally unavailable men.

In fact, most of the men who tell the story of emotional unavailability are actually just assholes.

They are fools who do not want to commit and consciously refuse to attach themselves to another person.

So your efforts to open their hearts to love are almost in vain.

Eventually you will hurt yourself and they will continue to prey on their next victim.

4. Do not respect borders

You know how in the movies, a girl loves a boy, but she herself is not aware of her emotions and she certainly has no intention of confessing them to him.

So she continues to reject him. However, he is persistent enough to continue pursuing her.

Well, things in real life don’t work that way. In fact, “no” always means “no”.

Do you know what’s romantic? Respect the limits and wishes of others.

5. Love is enough

As long as you are young and restless, you assume that love is enough. He can conquer everything and cannot be conquered by anything.

At least that’s what fairy tales, romance novels and romantic comedies have taught you, right?

It’s the only thing you look for in a man: the fact that you love him and that he loves you back.

According to this, nothing else matters.

Your differences, the fact that you don’t want the same things, and even your incompatibility are all overcome before this almighty force.

However, the truth is different.

The truth is, there are other things like respect, healthy communication, compromise, similar worldviews, and other things that are necessary for a successful relationship.

You might think that when there is love things are always easy.

All of the puzzle pieces magically fall together and if they aren’t, it means you don’t care enough about each other.

Well let me tell you that even when there is real love, hard work is required. You have to build a relationship if you want it to be healthy.

Love is only a foundation.

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