The decanates are 36 groups of small constellations that rise successively towards the horizon with each revolution of the earth. Since they appear every 10 days, the Greeks called them dekanos, or “chief of ten”. The new galaxies that astrology experts say are changing the behavior and fate of those even born in the same sign. In today’s article, we are going to show the differences and the basic characteristics of the 3 types of Scorpio…

Group 1 (between October 23 and November 2)

People born on these dates are the most sensual of scorpions. They tend to get involved in the pursuit of pleasure when they are young. The planet that rules them is Mars. The person born under this dean can have power equal to the other two, having the strongest features of his symbol. Extremely brave, magnetic and resourceful, in addition to the mystery she has always described.

Group 2 (between 3 and 11 November)

These scorpions are the ones most driven by the desire to know and understand life and the universe around them, according to the most spiritual of their sign. They are idealists and eager to get to know each other. The planetary ruler is Jupiter. A star that influences them and makes them have fantastic qualities. Not only are they the most melancholy of the Scorpios, they are also the brightest and most ambitious.

Group 3 (between 12 and 22 November)

Due to the influence of the moon, these Scorpios are the most sensitive and often have to learn to balance their emotions. They are extremely affectionate and focused on the family environment. The moon generally controls the conscious and unconscious minds of these individuals, which makes them very attractive people. It’s no surprise that those born today have great social acceptance and easily become famous.

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