For Scorpio, love is like the seductive sirens’ call that could lead them to crash on the rocks. They are very sexual, but have a self-protective reserve that they wear like armor in the dating game.
Get to know Scorpio in a place with atmosphere — I’m thinking of all those Indian restaurants in New York City that have sitar and tabla musicians performing every night. Go beyond the sterile same ole (like a chain), to something fertile, beautiful, or naturally erotic or mysterious.
The Scorpion is a love predator, so think on how a stalking animal or reptile creeps in slowly, or camouflages itself in the bush. Scorpio likes to be the enigma, while simultaneously doing intense espionage on their potential new friend.
No, they’re not being shy or lack confidence, when they hang back at first. They’re spying on you, from behind that cool mask. If they make fun of you, and have a twinkle in their eye, that might mean they like you.
Like Virgo, this is a sign that it’s better not to ask too many personal questions, which is considered an invasion of privacy. You’ll be in favor if you demonstrate that you get it — they don’t want intruders to barge into their psyche or hearts uninvited.
Scorpios have strong wills, and the patience to wait for an offer they can’t refuse. And they send subtle signals, to take things further. They might want you to act, but they’ll be directing it with their unseen powers — magnetism and psychic forces.

What Dreams May Come

In Love Signs, Linda Goodman writes that for Scorpio, love is a “consuming flame” that’s worth the sacrifice, and a risky challenge. Scorpios have strong desires and appetites, that can’t easily be satisfied.
And I had to share her summarizing thoughts: “Sexually uninhibited, yet emotionally fearful and mentally suspicious, they strive desperately to unite love’s physical and spiritual vibrations, with a strange mixture of eroticism and purity. But the satisfaction of desire only leaves the Scorpio soul still hungry for something beyond.”
Scorpios are attracted to the promise of desires fulfilled, as they sense what might come of merging souls. Their choices in love might be surprising to others in their circle. They’re attracted to good looks and status, but also to something unseen — what’s created by the union, or how they’ll personally be changed.

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The Dark Side

Scorpio warms up to those that respect their space, while going with the flow. They drop innuendo, instead of saying things out right. They’re attracted to the personal atmosphere — the sights, smells, sounds and moves — of the object of desire.
Scorpios don’t like to be trifled with, so don’t assume that they’re into “hooking up” in a casual way. They will harbor revenge fantasies, if you love them and leave them, which could be disastrous with colleagues or friends.
Scorpios are known for making veiled threats, if you step on their toes, and these should be taken seriously. It’s nearly impossible to break up with a Scorpio, and forget about being friends. The psychic binds — and bondage — of a Scorpio relationship linger on long after the parting of the ways.
The dark side of Scorpio is a penchant for being ruthless, or self-harming. Some Scorpios, especially the wounded ones, can show signs of sadism, and that’s unfortunately rising as a theme in “popular culture.”
Scorpio plays with power, and this then becomes strong in all their relationships. If a Scorpio feels powerless in their lives, they may seek out someone they can control, to the point of being abusive.

Till Death Do Us Part

The Scorpio that’s committed her heart is fiercely loyal and protective. She’s known to be possessive, because she’s put her very soul in the relationship. The fear of Scorpio in relationship, is an exaggerated version of what many of us fear — that we will lose ourselves.
Scorpio suffers from betrayal, and finds it very hard to move on from the outrage. It’s often said that Scorpio forgives (eventually), but never forgets.
That’s why break-ups and divorces with Scorpio are so devastating, and why they are so choosy to begin with.
Scorpio looks for someone who will go through life and death changes with them. And who will be able to handle their intensity, including the darkest impulses they harbor, and love all of who they are.

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