Are you tired of people who remind you of your solo status? Tired of all those social events and gatherings where people come with their partners (and you don’t have anyone to go with you)?

Do you think you are going to be single forever?

If someone asked me these questions a year ago, my answer to each one would have been, “Yes, yes and yes“. (Boy, that sounds really hopeless.)

When I broke up with my partner and entered “the kingdom of celibacy”, I felt isolated, excluded from society (including my friends), and felt that something was missing in my life. my life.

I hated every couple around me and all those nerdy things they do. To hold hands? Gross. At the same time, I wanted all of these things even though I didn’t want to admit it to myself.

The worst part about being single is the people who constantly ask you questions like: how come you are so pretty but still single? Why are you so difficult Do you think you will be young forever?

Seriously, people? I’m sure all of you (who are tired of being single) would agree with me that the worst part about being single is the people who make you feel like something is wrong. not go with you.

In fact, you’re not even tired of being single, but you’re tired of people asking you stupid questions and thinking that your solo status is the main cause of your “unhappiness.”

Just because you are (still) single doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you.

I want you to read this title ten times if necessary until you fully absorb its meaning. All of those movies, TV shows, and media have made us believe that being single is bad.

All the pretty girls in the movies have all the boys (and vice versa). Only people in a relationship are presented as being truly happy, while singles are presented as desperate.

All of these things can make you think that something is wrong with you because you are still single. When you see a couple sharing food, you think to yourself: OMG, that is so sweet.

When can I do such a thing with my partner? Wait, I’ll probably be single forever.

For a long time, I thought that the only relationship I would ever have in my life was the one I have with my cat. And then it hit me:

Better to be single than with some wrong person. It is better to be happy and single than in an unhappy relationship.

It’s better to be happy with what you have right now than to feel unhappy about something you don’t have.

It took me a while to realize that being single isn’t about desperation, it’s about choice!

I choose to be single because I don’t want to settle for mediocre romances where the ultimate in sharing affection is posting a photo on social media with a cheesy quote about true love while in real life you can barely stand.

I don’t want to be the victim of false love. I don’t want anything wrong.

I’m not single because I can’t meet anyone right now, but I’m single because I don’t want to give my heart to a random stranger just to get rid of my solo status.

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You probably also have your own good reasons why you’re still single, and these could be just a few:

• You were heartbroken before

• You need more time to decide to re-commit to someone.

• You like your independence

• You need time to work on yourself

• You are not afraid to expect what you deserve

• You know that it is better to be single than to live in an unhappy relationship.

Anyone can be in a relationship, but few of us can be truly happy in one.

Once you understand the real reason why you are still single, it will be easier for you to accept and applaud your solo status instead of seeing it as something bad. Stay single until you find someone who really cares.

Stay single until you find someone who really cares.

Relationships and true love cannot be forced. No matter how cliched it may sound, the truth is, everything happens for a reason and you are exactly where you are meant to be right now.

You are single right now because you are meant to be. Maybe you need some time to work on yourself and increase your self-esteem.

Maybe you need more time to heal from your past relationships (even if you think you don’t).

The point is, in order to love others, you first have to learn to love yourself. The only way to fall in love with yourself is to accept being single.

If you are tired of being single, it means that you need more time to fall in love with yourself before you meet someone. This means you need more solo time.

So stay single until you start loving every inch of yourself.

Stay single until you start to appreciate the freedom you have.

Stay single until you start to see it as a blessing rather than a curse.

Stay single until you find someone who truly cares about you.

Don’t rush things. Don’t force yourself to meet new people if you’re not ready, and most importantly, don’t worry about what other people think!

I always say people are always going to talk and say stupid things and worry more about other people’s lives than theirs (well, the majority of them). Guess what? There is nothing you can do about it.

Just ignore it as it’s not something you can control. You should only listen to yourself. So stay single until you meet someone who you think is right for you.

Each of us has our own path, and being single is one of them. So, instead of seeing it as a negative thing, understand that there is a reason why you are still single and will meet someone when the time comes.

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