Pisces is the one that’s already walked in every Zodiac signs shoes and maybe slept with them too (in a past life).
They don’t just date, they absorb others into their love atmosphere. The Fishes swim in many directions, and when in their lost soul phase, get pulled into potentially dangerous currents.
Pisces is open to going with the flow, and for some, this means flowing in and out of many beds. Neptune rules this lover’s sign, and a side effect of that is always wanting to go back home, to the in-between life lounge they know is never too far away.
Some fall into addictions, and that affects their love life since they’ll hang with this or that intoxicated crowd. Others find an escape from the cruel world through art, and that’s where they play out love rituals.
Pisces have big eyes and many of them exude a rare empathic acceptance since they’re sure everyone is good at heart. A strong streak of self-sacrifice sets up some Pisces to be the long-suffering mate to an evil-doer or common bully.
The lucky Pisces finds a partner that loves them with their whole soul, not to mention body and mind. And it’s often said they need a guiding hand, so it helps if the chosen one is protective of the sensitive Pisces soul.

Comic Relief

Pisces has an air of world-weariness, so if you can make them laugh, you’ll lighten their karmic load.
Many Pisces find everyday life totally overwhelming and need a lot of time alone. To be invited into their cloister, you’ll have to have a calm side, along with the chaos.
First dates linger in the Fishes memory when they’re on or in the water, and somehow enchanting. Going to the cinema is a good choice, but it’s also risky since it could put Pisces in a “mood.”
Pisces is mutable, and that means it’s a sign of extreme changeability. The date would seem to be going well, from your angle, but then end abruptly, for some inexplicable reason. And trying to win back that feeling can be like swimming against a current much stronger than any human.
A secret of Pisces is that they’re in a medium that’s much bigger than they are and that they’re wondering if they’ll pull it off themselves. The Pisces path is not easy, and they need partners who get this and let them move with their own tidal rhythms.
This poem by Rumi could be written by Pisces:

“Late, by myself, in the boat of myself,
no light and no land anywhere,
cloudcover thick. I try to stay
just above the surface, yet I’m already under
and living within the ocean.”

True Love

For Pisces, many are called, but few are chosen. They are surprisingly open to all kinds of intimate scenarios since they relate to all twelve Zodiac signs. As the last sign, there’s a sense of “been there, done that” so that no one is a stranger you haven’t met yet.
Some Pisces have an eerie sense of being “on its way out,” and that’s because it’s a sign of returning to Source. They thrive with lovers who are sensual in the earthly sense and keep them anchored to the material plane in a blissful way.
With Pisces, you’re often not competing with another suitor, but with the siren song of the ocean. You can be the towline, that reels them back in when they’ve gotten lost in those emotional depths.
The right beloved for Pisces is one who calls them out when they’re telling lies, even white ones. And will help them grow a backbone—a strong will—to support their amphibious nature.
Pisces is a romantic at heart and will conjure an atmosphere for the relationship, too. It’ll be a love story that has a strong theme of destiny, and a safe harbor for life’s storms.

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