November will be nothing short of seductive, but here’s why it’ll be romantic for Gemini, Cancer, and Scorpio:

Gemini: You’re Basking In The Spotlight And Catching Your Lover’s Attention

You feel in November, Gemini. With Venus dancing through your romantic fifth house of love, affection, happiness, and passion, you don’t just look for someone to sweep you away, you also make the world fall in love with you in the process. Certainly with the sun in your sixth house of ordered responsibility sitting in opposition to rebellious Uranus in your 12th house of secrets, you might be totally oblivious to this energy, so please read this again if you find yourself preoccupied with the tasks. daily.

Cancer: You’re Coming Out Of Your Shell And Catching Someone’s Eye

Scorpio is your kryptonite, and so is their sultry season, Cancer. Since this fixed water sign rules your flirtatious fifth house of pleasure, romance, passion, self-expression, and your diamond heart, there is always a wave of alluring energy crawling over you every time this season unfolds. More importantly, it doesn’t matter if the sun is in Scorpio or Sagittarius this month. Their two planetary rulers – Jupiter and Pluto – will join forces in your seventh house of individual partnerships, magnifying the dynamic between you and a significant other.

Scorpio: You’re Manifesting Things And A Smoldering Romance Is One Of Them

Your birthday season isn’t just about birthday sex, Scorpio. Although with your traditional rule of Mars finally hovering straight away, there’s a good chance your mojo will be back before you know it. On the eve of the direct passage of Mars, Jupiter will meet your powerful planetary ruler, Pluto, in your third house of thought processes and immediate environments. This will amplify the intensity of your velvet voice and increase the chances that you will manifest what you desire most, especially if you are looking for a relationship. Venus will also travel through your secret 12th house of dreams, loneliness, and all things behind the scenes, creating the perfect atmosphere for a secret love affair. It still doesn’t compare to the alluring magnetism of Venus passing through your sign, so stay tuned.

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