Neptune is the planet of cosmic responsibilities, and what we might call karma.  And it’s the part of us that knows we are part of something timeless. Neptune is the dreamweaver, too, guiding to a higher vision.
Neptune is in Pisces from 2011 to 2026, for an atmosphere of fluid reality, dissolving and heightened imagination. It’s also a transit for mass hysteria or hallucinations, and entrancement in a dream or nightmare. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, one of spiritual yearning, and a sense of the otherworldly.
Astrologer Marguerite Manning has insights on how Neptune gives nudges about karma, such as unfinished business with other souls.
Where is your Neptune? You will need to find it on your birth chart. Marguerite Manning provides these gives notes on the transit of Neptune to the houses of your chart.

Neptune Pisces Transiting the First House

If you have Pisces in your first house, first impressions are going to have a deep and lasting effect on you when Neptune is transiting here. The karma is going to find its way back to you through your birth, your early childhood, your physical body, and the psyche. This is a great time for these people to get in touch with the psychic part of themselves. They can serve emotionally by getting away from their own feelings, and tapping into their psychic ability to help others.
Keeping in mind that Neptune is coming back as karma and it’s in the first house, there’s got to be a willingness to adapt to the idea of getting out of your own emotions and trying to be some kind of psychic vehicle for others at this particular time.

Neptune Pisces Transiting the Second House

With Pisces in the second house, your karma is going to find its way back to you through money, material possessions, and all issues regarding self-worth. Keeping your financial affairs in order is going to be difficult for you right now because you’re being asked to address what is your value, what do you find worthwhile about yourself.
Your self-worth is going to be in some way, based on your faith and compassion, and your imagination and psychic ability are going to have to come into this to give you a clear idea of what your self-worth is and be able to address that.

Neptune Pisces Transiting the Third House

If you have Pisces on the third house, your karma is going to find its way back to you through your early life, your siblings, and your early education. You might start seeing classmates and neighborhood friends popping up. It’s going to bring back things that created your learning network, possibly from a past lifetime, and things that shaped your ideas and your thoughts, that made you feel like you were connected, or made you feel like part of the community.
You might be prone to periods of mental confusion around this time, maybe even mental laziness, or you might feel like you need to secretly communicate when Neptune is in the third house. You’re being asked to address language, how you communicate with people, and how effective is that now. If you were verbally abused, verbally denied, or educationally deprived in your last lifetime, you’re going to have to deal with that now.
How smart are you? Don’t compare yourself to brothers and sisters when Neptune is in the third house. There will be issues at this particular time, but it’s not about that. It’s about your own immediate environment and defining your network. What does your intellectual neighborhood really look like?

Neptune Pisces Transiting the Fourth House

With Neptune Pisces coming into your fourth house, your home life may start to get a little more spiritual and there can be karmic issues, especially with your mother. There’s the possibility of feeling like you’re abandoned or orphaned. In a past life, maybe you were, and these issues are coming back for you to address and deal with them. You also may experience the worry over or loss of a parent or losing a parent.
Your relationship with a parent is going to change for the best or the worst. The karma with this parent is going to be brought forward, and you’re going to have to deal with it. Everyone has issues with their parents, that’s why they brought them into their lives. But if you haven’t been addressing them up until now, you will be forced to do so, as well as address your own role as a parent.

Neptune Pisces Transiting your Fifth House

If you have Pisces on the fifth house, your karma is going to find its way back to you through your romances, and your creative self-expression, your children, and anytime you try to create or be creative. At this particular time, you have to be very careful not to be deceived or disillusioned in your romantic involvements, especially with any kind of risk-taking.
You’re being asked at this time to trust in your creative talents and not expect other people to take them to the end for you. You’re going to be forced to deal with your creative issues, whether they’re your own children or your own creative talents, not relying on anyone else to validate that in your life.

Neptune Pisces Transiting the Sixth House

If it’s coming through the sixth house, it’s going to be all about health, routines, exercises, and the way you serve or others serve you on a daily basis. This is a good time to find the perfect doctor for you if your eyes are wide open, otherwise, you may find a doctor who is a fraud. You’ve got to be cautious in this area of life.
If you’re being diagnosed for any condition, definitely get two opinions. Look at every possible option. You’re being asked to deal with the fears you have about your health and about your physical competence in this lifetime. It comes back to your work as it relates to your physical techniques, your physical competence, and what you’re physically capable of doing. This is a good time to find the perfect solution to perhaps a mysterious ailment that has been affecting you.

Neptune Pisces Transiting the Seventh House

If you have Pisces on the seventh house, your partners, clients, and spouses are in your life because they’re either blessed or cursed. This is always where your karma is going to come through—your one-on-one relationships. When Neptune is traveling through in this life, even more so.
In the past, you might have denied your partners’ flaws and shortcomings and now you’re going to have to deal with these partners that perhaps you’ve either enabled, or you have not seen for who they were. You are pulling all these people into your life because they are the people that you didn’t clearly address and acknowledge, either in your last life or earlier in this one. These are the people that you looked at with rose-colored glasses and now you’re being asked to look at them in a realistic way and decide if you want them in your life.

Neptune Pisces Transiting the Eighth House

With Pisces on the eighth house, your karma is going to find its way back through your collective worth. It’s always about trust and sharing, and it’ll always seem fated. If you have Pisces here, you are a skilled manipulator in the handling of life and death resources and things that didn’t belong to you, which is why your own legacies and financial affairs can be deceptive or creatively inspired and miraculous.
Your past is going to come back here, depending on what you were in the past, either in miraculous windfalls or people trying to take money away from you. You’re meeting your own karma should deal with it on that level. You’re being asked to look at it realistically and fix it. Miracles happen when you overcome that.

Neptune Pisces Transiting the Ninth House

If you have Pisces on the ninth house, your spiritual insights often provide miraculous solutions that feel like divine intervention most of the time. That’s because your karma has a tendency to find its way back to you through your faith and your principles. In the past, you inspired others to move beyond their intellectual and spiritual boundaries. You’ll experience either great disillusionment or great inspiration to travel to a foreign country, unfamiliar territory, or to go meet new people or to start your own radio show.
When Neptune is traveling through here, you’re destined to take another look at what your boundaries are in this lifetime based on what you helped other people make their boundaries. Did you push the envelope for them or did you limit them? This is the time for you to realistically ask what your boundaries are, and where you can push the outside of the envelope. The ninth house is all about growing.

Neptune Pisces Transiting the Tenth House

If you have Pisces on the tenth house, there’ll always be creative inspiration, secrecy, or behind the scenes kind of work connected to your profession, as your karma comes back to you in this life through your job, your reputation, and your career. In your last lifetime, you were abandoned, orphaned, or neglected by your father or authority figures and for that reason, you’re now prone to deep issues of parental loss and disappointment in this one.
You might have great difficulty relating to authority figures and getting the proper recognition you deserve when Neptune is traveling through the tenth house. The flipside is this is also a great time to get someone behind the scenes to pay attention to you. If you’re working your hardest your good fortune can really manifest when Neptune is going through this house, especially if you’re doing anything with underprivileged or the less fortunate in your work.

Neptune Pisces Transiting the Eleventh House

Pisces on the eleventh house means that your karma in this lifetime is destined to find its way back through your talented friends, gifted associates, and visionary colleagues. Your companions in this life can feel like they’re very inspirational and even clairvoyant, or they can be deceptive and manipulative. These people are going to come to your attention. You might find your way into spiritual clubs or secret meetings during Neptune’s travel through the eleventh. Neptune is trying to get you back in touch with those friends who were visionary.
You might be coming back to those that tried to deceive you or take your crystals and do something harmful with them. You’ve got to be very careful. Neptune influence in that house is always going to feel very serendipitous. It’s always going to feel nostalgic when these people come back. Your soul is going to wonder where they have been for the past 2,000 years. You just have to be very cautious about being happy that these people are coming back to you, because they’re going to be coming back to you for a reason, in every house. They were your karma and right now, you can change that. If they are positive and good karma is coming back, you can embrace it, and if it is negative, you can see them realistically and cut the ties.

Neptune Pisces Transiting the Twelfth

With Pisces on the twelfth house your karma will find its way back to you through emotional service to others and helping the less fortunate, which was a calling in a past lifetime. Some kind of painful loss led you to not be able to handle the harsh realities of life all that well and caused you to use either faith or your imagination, or any kind of other unconscious realm as an escape.
You emotionally isolated yourself rather than getting out there and doing the work you were supposed to. Now, you unconsciously avoid your mission to rescue others by becoming the victim or drop out yourself. When Pisces is traveling through this house, you’re not going to be allowed to do that. You’re not going to be allowed to go to those secluded places near the water unless it’s a place where people need your help. Because of these people, these real victims of the world, you’re not a victim of the world. They are looking for you and they’re going to find you now, so you can really step up to the plate, and choose how you want to serve them. Or, you can end up being their doormat.
You have a higher calling in life. For these13 years, you’re going to feel like every downtrodden and emotionally-deprived person is finding you. This is only because you’re not out there doing the job you’re supposed to be. You’re supposed to be helping them, so find a suitable volunteer job.
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