The big day done right, the honeymoon done right and now what? These were the exciting parts of a marriage and now you are entering the reality phase of a marriage as husband and wife. The true test as a couple has just started. As a newlywed couples, mistakes are ought to be made. It’s normal.
First few years of a marriage is hard as you are learning your partner and adjustments are being made. Patience and sacrifices are the major tips for a successful and long-lasting marriage.

Here are the tips for the NewlyWed Couples

1. Develop a plan to build a strong foundation for your marriage with your spouse.

This is very critical for your marriage. Your marriage could easily end in a divorce without a strong marriage foundation.
Spend some time with your spouse and develop a plan to build a strong foundation for your marriage.

2. Learn how to communicate with your spouse. 

One of the common issues a lot of married couples face every single day is communication problems.
So learn how to communicate effectively with your spouse as soon as possible. You will encounter a lot of problems in your marriage without effective communication.
Communicating effectively is key to the success of your marriage.

3. Learn from married couples. 

One should listen to the newlyweds if they are giving some good advice. Just, Good Advice.
But also make your own decisions, apply what works for you and your marriage.

4. Have reasonable and realistic marriage expectations. 

You see, the way you were raised is different from the way your spouse was raised.
What you expect to be the “norm” might not be the “norm” for your spouse. Let’s recall point 2, communication. It’s always wrong to assume things, instead couples should discuss their marriage expectations, be realistic, and compromise with each other.
And don’t expect your marriage to be like what you see in the movies.

5. Learn how to adjust to each other and married life. 

Adjusting to marriage is not going to be easy for every couple. For example, adjusting to your new name change, living in together in the same house, sharing responsibilities, etc. can be a challenging time for couples.

6. Have fun

Marriage is supposed to be more fun and not so serious all the time. Fun is part of the foundation in building and cultivating a deep friendship with your spouse. When you have fun, you create memories that you’ll remember years down the road. If you can, laugh about the things you can’t control. It’ll help you accept them and move on.

7. Raising children is not easy!

We recommend waiting at least one year to have kids.

8. Trust each other. 

TRUST. Trusting one is not as easy as you think to do. But it is the most important part of any relationship. If you want your marriage to be healthy and successful, you have to learn how to trust your partner. Once you know that, the journey will be joyful.

9. Divide and conquer your house chores.

Who does what? What other responsibilities do you have to share?
Think about the chores you both love and enjoy doing. Split these chores and do them diligently.
And If you both dislike doing a particular chore(s), take turns doing it.

10. Talk about everything.

And anything with your spouse.

11. Memorize this statement:

The First Year is a learning and transitional period for your marriage!

12. The grass is not greener on the other side.

It’s greener where you water it.

13. Be independent and interdependent.

Make time for yourself so you can continue to do the things you are passionate about. Getting married does not mean you can not continue doing the things you love.
Dedicate time to spend  with your spouse so you can grow together as a couple.
Choose one thing you can both do to connect and grow together every day. You don’t want to wake up 10 years later and notice you have grown apart.
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14. Money matters!

Our best financial advice for newlyweds is to figure out your finances. Talk about your past financial history.
Your student loans, credit card debt, how you will file your taxes and spend your money.
Will you have joint or separate bank accounts? There is no his or her money, the two become one.

15. Commit to your marriage. 

Work on your marriage daily.
Never take your spouse for granted, show and let them know you appreciate them. Make sacrifices for each other.

16. Learn to compromise with each other.

17. Learn about your new family.

And how best you can relate with them.
When your spouse has issues with your family members, it best you handle them yourself. You know your family members better than your spouse.
Do not forget to set boundaries in your marriage too.

18. Forgive each other when you make a mistake.

And learn to not repeat the same mistake over and over again. Your spouse can only so much; they have their limits.

19. Celebrate any wins, successes, awards etc. together as a couple.

20. Touch, hug and kiss each other as often as you can.

21. Talk about your financial goals.

Save money for a rainy day.
When making any big purchases like buying a car, discuss it with your spouse first.
And only go ahead to make the purchase if they agree.

22. Resolve your conflicts amicably.

Handle your conflicts, disagreements, arguments maturely and in a healthy way.

23. We recommend you do not buy a house in your first year of marriage.

Our reason is simply because of the responsibilities that come with owning a house and the marriage adjustments you have to make as a newlywed can be a little overwhelming. It also somehow comes in the way of understanding and cherishing your newly wedding year.

24. Never fight in public.

It will only make you look …

25. Expect challenges.

Life will hand you some lemons, make the best use of them.

26. Change your vocabulary.

Don’t use the “D” (divorce) word.
Your I becomes We.

27. Enjoy your newlywed status.

You will not be a newlywed forever. But let your newlywed bliss stay forever in your marriage.
The moment when you say “I do” on your wedding day, you and your spouse commit to be blissfully happy and excited about your future.
And how you treat things and your spouse from that moment onwards will determine how long this bliss will remain. Do not let it fade away for any reason.
The longer the bliss stays in your marriage, and life, the happier you will both be as a married couple.

28. Be proud of your spouse.

If you are not proud of your spouse, why did you get married in the first place?

29. Sex is important and vital.

Schedule it if you are too busy. It will reduce the chances of your marriage becoming sexless.
Oh, don’t forget to mix it up.

30. When you hear the statement “Just because you are newlyweds…,” do not let it discourage.

Or make you think your newlywed charm will wear off after the first year.
As your lovely marriage grows, it will become better, happier, and more lovely than it was in the beginning. But it is only possible if you both commit to working on your marriage.

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