If your Moon is in Sagittarius, you’re tilted optimistically toward the far-horizon. You might even walk on your toes. You’re a light-hearted soul, with an instinct for following the most meaningful path.
The Sagittarius Moon can be described as fun and visionary, with many notable pioneers born under this sign. The Moon is your flash reactions — Sagittarius is the sign of leaps of faith. Many Sagittarius Moons  have a basic trust in life, and take risks based on instincts.
They’re often optimistic about the future and open hearted, both qualities of which can be contagious. They’re not that patient with your victim story, but will cheer you on when you go beyond your known limits.
You are legendary for blurting out what’s really on your mind. Whatever you think of Donald Trump, you can see that candor of the Sagittarius Moon. There’s a playful showy delivery, but often he hits the target, in press conferences, speaking on the fly.
Sagittarius is not a politically correct sign, since it’s more wed to the alive truth, than some ideology imposted on it. And the Moon is the fall back response, so that’s the kind of defensive behavior you’ll see here. The Sadge Moon has a fiery comeback when under attack, and it might make you laugh, too.
The fire signs are intuitive, making the Sagittarius Moon one for delivering truth bombs. This is the sign after Scorpio, and it has that same sight into the heart of the matter. It’s more free with that knowledge, so sharing those outbursts comes naturally.
For tips on getting along with the Sagittarius Moon, look at ways to cultivate the fire element — especially when there’s too much fire or too little.

Social Creature

The public style of the Moon in Sagittarius is engaging and charismatic, and they’re sure to hold their own in large gatherings. Their intellectual curiosity keeps them asking the questions, and putting people at ease with their sharp insights and wit.
True of mutable signs, they’re at home in the rhythm of change. They’re at their best with a varied social calendar as they adapt to and enjoy being around people of different cultures and outlooks.
This makes you the kind of person that drops in on friends, making the rounds.
The Moon in Sagittarius gets flashes of inspiration, along with the hopeful optimism to bring their many ideas to fruition. True of fire signs, they’re risk takers, and often will shrug off warnings from others, drawing on a well of trust in both fate and their instincts. More cautious souls might find them reckless, but then stand back and watch in amazement all those times when luck is on their side.

Love Banquet

In romance, the “Sadge” Moon thrives with a mate that is a fellow traveler on a parallel path. The fire signs in love are not overly clingy. You get on well with other fire sign — or air sign — Moons in the game of elemental compatibility. Read more about Moon Love Compatibility.
This Moon has a need for complete emotional freedom from a partner that can keep up with their active pace. Life’s banquet can be savored together for as long as it stays a vital match, for they’ll shake free of anything that has lost its luster.
The Moon in Sagittarius has a mission, and can’t be held back by outdated relationships or ideas. Jupiter rules their Moon’s sign, and that means their eyes are on the future. The comfort zone for Moon Sagittarius people is a fast-paced, meaningful and varied home and work life.
They thrive when there’s a swiftly evolving nature to their work and love lives. Along their speedy way, they’ll shine a focused light on lost dreams and leave a wake of encouragement and inspiration behind them.


Animal lovers (especially horses and dogs), friendly, optimistic, adventurous, active, curious, independent, enthusiastic.

The Shadow Side

Restless, detached, tactless, careless, superficial.

Quality and Element

Mutable and Fire

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