Finding out your partner or other significant other is cheating on you is not an easy feeling to deal with, but even with that, most people prefer to know rather than being in the dark. Dealing with your partner’s infidelities and catching them red-handed in the act will require a lot of patience and time, and sometimes that’s why some people prefer to hire the services of experts and professionals like private detectives, retired FBI agents, and Private Investigation agencies.
We all know that there are clear signs that a cheating partner gives without even realizing that it will convince you that he/she is definitely cheating. Signs like staying late at work more than usual, caring about their outfits, taking more unnecessary business trips and so much more. Discovering one or two of these signs alone can be traumatizing, but it’s advised to not panic but be more vigilant and look out for more obvious signs to be certain that your spouse is definitely cheating.

With that said, I know you are wondering what are those alarming signs that signify your significant other is cheating on you:

Signs of a Cheating Spouse

The first sign you should never ignore when you think your spouse is cheating on you is intuition. There’s a reason why we are blessed with intuition, so as to be able to tell when something is right or not. Apart from intuition, the following are some of the obvious signs to look out for in order to uncover if your spouse is cheating or not:

  • Changing habits
  • Leaving the house early and returning late
  • Business trips
  • Holiday or family event absences
  • Excessive overtime
  • Unexplained spending
  • Secret accounts (Instagram, email)
  • Hidden credit card bills
  • Extra grooming
  • Someone else’s fragrance
  • Buying gifts you haven’t seen
  • Doubtful items – condoms in the car are a giveaway
  • Joining a gym
  • Missed calls from an unknown number
  • Coded or secretive text messages
  • Less sex
  • Evasiveness or defensiveness
  • Obvious lies
  • Prickliness or a short temper
  • Hate surprise visits

And sometimes your partner might not be exhibiting any of these signs, but you still have a gut feeling that something isn’t right, then you can make a conscious decision to seek professional help outside your home.

How to catch a cheating spouse

1. Look out for suspicious behavior

If your spouse is cheating on you, you might start to see them exhibit different behaviors like constantly being on their phone, being unnecessarily defensive, avoiding conversation with you, or not wanting to have sex or be intimate. All this is a sign that there is an underlining problem somewhere that needs to be addressed.

2. Look at their contact and email list

Even though most cheaters act smart, but sometimes even the smartest ones are not above fault, as we know nobody is 100% perfect. Looking at their email and text messages is another good way of catching the cheating spouse. You may know the password in order to check their email account, and if not, you can try to get hold of their email or text prompters surfacing on the screen. If you see any emails that are flirtatious, either from your partner or from another person, you should be suspicious of them cheating.
If there is a sudden change in privacy – like a change in passwords when you both used to be open about it. Text and email prompts are set to private notification when she used to be on an open notification, these are red alert signs to look out for.

3. Set a trap

If you think that your partner is cheating or not being sincere with you regarding your marriage, then its time to set a trap for him or her in order to find out the truth once and for all and get it over with it.
Tell your partner you are traveling and are going to be out of town for a day or two. Tell then your visiting relatives, family or friends. Come up with something convincing to get out of the house and see how your partner behaves. Monitor his or her movements by seeing where they visit, or who gets invited into the house. A very effective yet inexpensive way of catching a cheating spouse.

4. Unexpected surprise visits

Nothing can beat untold visits or surprises, without telling them, just drop by your partner’s office, place of work unexpectedly. See and analyze how they react or if they are actually at places they say they’re at. Trust me, you might be surprised at what you might discover.

5. Old fashion sleuthing

Old fashion sleuthing is less costly but time to actually pry around your partner things like garbage, drawer, pants pockets, car, and so much more to see if you find anything out of place, like caught a pack of condom either in the car or trip bag is definitely a No No. All these old fashioned sleuthing can actually produce good result.

Use of Trackers Apps

1. Couple tracker free

This app is quite useful as it keeps the partners updated on each other’s activities. This cheating partner spy app allows troubled couples to share their call history, text messages, Facebook likes and comments, and GPS locations with their spouses in real-time. The process of monitoring is based on mutual consent. This is one of the best methods to keep one’s partner from falling into infidelity or unwanted affair. Couple Tracker is compatible with Android phones only.

2. Fone monitor

This is the most widely used and trusted iPhone and Android spy apps for cheating spouses. Its success is due to the support that it provides for most of the social media apps and websites. It supports Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, Snapchat, Viber, etc. The purpose is to provide the concerned partner with a one-stop solution for monitoring. It is easy to use and the user of the target phone never realizes that their activities are being tracked. FoneMonitor supports Android devices, iPhone and iPad.

3. Spyzie

Spyzie provides all the necessary services such as access to calls and messages, Facebook, Whatsapp, browser history, etc. It is easy to use: All you need to do is create an account> Activate the software on the Target Phone> Start monitoring from the control panel of the software. Spyzie comes compatible with Android phones and iPhones.

Hiring A Spy

The question is, what should you do? Should you hire someone to spy on your spouse? It depends on person to person, some people will prefer to hire a spy to help them gather and collect evidence that truly shows their significant other is actually cheating. If you do it yourself, you can have a significant effect on your health and can leave you in denial.
Some actually get spy’s in order to provide evidence that can be beneficial to them in court and divorce proceedings. Some states will request the aforementioned lover to pay for damages caused if you can prove that your marriage was happy before your spouse’s lover came into the picture.
A prenuptial agreement that contains an infidelity clause can influence how a couple’s assets are divided in the event of divorce. Many prenuptial agreements with these clauses compel the unfaithful spouse to pay a financial penalty to the faithful one, provided that there’s proof of infidelity.
While others will rather do the investigation themselves as hiring an investigator can be very expensive and taxing.

Finding out your better half is cheating on you is extremely hard. It’s a very crucial time and though it’s a traumatizing experience, it’s important to be calm and not jump into conclusions until you are sure and have gotten all the facts that he/she is truly cheating on you.
With the latest technology readily available, it’s so easy to catch your cheating spouse in the act. Don’t allow your emotions to get ahead of you by taking drastic actions you might regret later.
Whatever decision you want to make, but try to take time and make sure you have a clear mind before deciding. Do not project the blame on yourself, it’s not your fault. We are all adults and should be solely responsible for our actions. You can seek professional help or talk with the closest family and friends that can help you get through it.

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