Leo in love exhibits feline behavior, like purring when stroked and admired.
And then the big cat strikes out when that invisible line is crossed and they go into predator mode.
Like a Lion in the wild, a Leo lover isn’t all play and cuddles. Leo mimics its totem counterpart with intense enthusiasm, followed by long stretches of languid lounging around.
It’s nigh impossible to get Leo to do things out of obligation. If you do things for Leo, and expect a return, you could be waiting a long time. Some more practically-minded lovers might find this rude and befuddling.
Leo moves with inspiration, desire or heartfelt emotion. Leo needs admirers, and those that will cheer them on to great deeds and applaud their impromptu performances.
On first dates, Leo is friendly, but standoffish. It’s better to go to a spectacle, like a gathering or concerns, than corner them one-on-on.
In a new friendship, Leo will put on a show, and blind you with their charm. You might not come away knowing many personal details about Leo, but will know they have an endearing, sunny personality.
Like other fire signs, Leo wants to do things, have fun, not sit around chit chatting. They want to get to know you, through “happenings.” Make dates memorable in some way that’s scrapbook or highlight reel worthy.
Leo takes the lead, and has a knack for knowing where the party is, or the most colorful event. Leo won’t appreciate your bringing work struggles to the conversation. And they don’t like it when people play the victim, as a way of eliciting sympathy.
Leo is attracted to confidence, courage and those with something special about them.

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Genuine Chemistry

Leo’s presence is a gift they give to others. They’ll be generous with this gift, unless they feel chronically unappreciated, then they’ll shut you out. The worst thing you can do to a Leo is taken them for granted.
This kind of thing makes them resentful and takes them into raging Dark Side Leo territory.
Another thing that turns Leo off is sucking up to them. They’re a bit like celebrities or famous people, in that they instinctively know that others will give them the royal treatment. But they know when you’ve got ulterior motives, or are not saying what you mean.
Leo has that fire sign quality of being surprisingly okay with honesty of the most frank kind. They want the praise, but it’s got to be real, and they’ll make a snide remark if they sense you’re not being true.

Fun, But No Games

It’s often said that while Leo love to have fun, many have a curious lack of humor. And to understand this, consider the power of pride — Leo doesn’t take kindly to being the butt of jokes or playing the fool (that’s the Court Fool’s job).
Leo has a strong libido, but isn’t that attuned to the sensual side of intimacy. That’s why they often don’t like public displays of affection, or when someone hands on them with starry eyes.
They like it when their mate is also regal, especially when out and about, and they can feel the admiration of others. The pride Leo feels is shared when they’re in lasting love, and extends out to the whole family, who becomes the light of their life.

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