The real-man search pandemic reached its peak a long time ago. There are so many articles, comments, memes and definitions of this mythical creature known as the real man.
There is also a huge misconception. Some people (especially men) think that a real man is synonymous with perfection.
They believe that the main reason women “invented” the term “real man” is because of their unrealistic expectations of men.
Sadly, it has nothing to do with unrealistic expectations of women being picky, ungrateful, or the like. Moreover, it has nothing to do with the saying “all men are pigs” either.
The term, real man, is actually a synonym for misunderstanding gender.
Men and women have their own views on what to give and receive when dating or dating.
Now the difference between a boy and a real man is that the latter knows what women REALLY expect, need and want.
Real men know that trust, honesty, respect, and effort are the things women value more than anything else!

Real Men Resemble Unicorns – TRUE or FALSE?

You’ve probably heard this cliché say a few times, but you still don’t know if it’s fake or true. Are real men legitimate unicorns that exist in the real world, but are really rare and hard to find?
I will be honest with you. There were times when I thought I had finally met a real man only to realize I was dead wrong.
Plus, there were times when I thought a man was a legitimate gamer only to realize that he was, in fact, a real unicorn man.
The point is, if you’re too skeptical, then even if you meet one, you’ll think there must be something wrong with him because these men don’t exist.
I have a strong need to rephrase the last sentence of the above quote to this: is there any hope of meeting one? My answer is: yes there is.
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Do you know how I am so sure? Because I met mine.
Here are a few reasons why it’s so hard to find a real man who could give you a better understanding of this situation:

  • Modern casual dating is the main culprit in the extinction of real men
  • Another culprit is too many dating options
  • Engagement issues
  • Some men feel intimidated by powerful and independent women
  • Growing up and being responsible is a difficult task for some men
  • The extinction of real conversations
  • No pressure to get married

Rather, all of these mentioned reasons are factors that influenced the extinction of real men.
The main reason it’s so hard to find a real man is because of the modern times we live in.
Real conversations have been replaced by instant messaging. Expressing our emotions has been replaced by emojis.
Slow-paced romances filled with old-fashioned romantic gestures have been replaced by casual encounters.
All of these tendencies prevent men from expressing affection in the right way, from wooing a woman the way she deserves, earning her trust, and making an effort in real life and not just virtual.
It takes a real man to know that the little things are most important to women.
It takes a real man to know that just because he won a woman’s heart doesn’t mean he should stop winning her.
It takes a real man to know that a woman is enough.
It takes a real man to ignore trends and stick to his gentlemanly ways, no matter how old-fashioned they are.
This is the main difference between real men and those outside this category. Basically, a real man doesn’t care what society or other people think of him.
A real man only cares about making his wife happy.

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