Before getting married, how did you envision your marriage? Is it similar to the one you have today? Is your husband a man you’ve always wanted to marry?
And the most important question of all: do you think your husband is still in love with you? If the answer to the last question is yes, chances are he still really likes you.
If your answer is no, there must be some reason why you started to suspect that your husband is no longer in love with you.
Before I write anything else, let me express my vision of marriage: being in a marriage is a wonderful thing, but for it to work it takes a lot of effort, pure commitment and the maintaining the spark in your relationship.
Being married isn’t just telling yourself that I love you every night before you go to sleep.
It’s about listening to each other, holding hands when you’re afraid, sharing household chores, etc.
There are so many aspects of a marriage that must be respected for a marriage to work. One thing is certain: happy marriages do not happen overnight.
A happy marriage is a process of constantly going through ups and downs, without giving up on each other and your marriage.
There must be a valid reason behind it, if you suspect that your marriage is not the same happy marriage as it was before, and your husband has “given up on you” and no longer loves you.
I want you to close your eyes for a second and try to forget everything you’ve seen about weddings in the movies.
They represent a happy marriage as a perfect union between a man and a woman, which makes ordinary people think that their marriage should not include arguments or the like.
Guess what? There is nothing as a perfect marriage. There are no perfect wives or husbands.
I say all this because some women might get the wrong idea that their husbands don’t like them just because he forgot to do things he should have done. That is true.
Marriage is not only spiritual fellowship, but also remembering to do all of these little things.
To be in a healthy marriage is to share responsibilities, help each other in different tasks and support each other.
Now, does your husband forget to do all those little things like take out the trash, kiss you for a good night’s sleep, etc.?
If so, that doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t like you anymore.
Maybe he just forgot the importance of making an effort in marriage, and because of this he became what is called a selfish husband.
There are some disrespectful husbands also who compare you to other women. Over time, the majority of spouses turn into variants of different types of husbands (same goes for wives).
In most cases, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore, but he just needs to wake up and realize that he’s not the same husband he once was.

The question is: why do spouses (read: husbands) stagnate after a while in marriage?

I bet this question sounds familiar to you.
So, have you noticed a lack of effort in your marriage? Are you still finding new ways to show affection? Does your husband still make you feel special like before?
For some time, the “stagnant spouse” syndrome has been a real trend. Maybe it’s related to our hectic lifestyles, or maybe we’re getting too laid back with each other.
The main reason spouses stagnate after a while in marriage is because they take what they have for granted. They forget to express their gratitude and celebrate their spouse.
Maybe the reason your husband doesn’t tell you that I love you anymore is because he assumes you already know or is tired of repeating that phrase. Yet these are not valid excuses.
What I’m trying to say is that the moment you start to suspect that your husband doesn’t love you anymore is when he’s stagnating.
When that happens, you need to let her know that things have to change if you are to save your marriage.
If there are things your husband is willing to change, you can be one hundred percent sure that he still loves you.
Always pay attention to the amount of his effort and his willingness to reciprocate.

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