Love? Oxytocin secretions? Or falling for someone?

Which one it is?

Or if it is really one of those?

Nobody ever knows because honestly you can’t go to lab to check that and believe me if you went, then people are going to treat you as a mental person.

According to google, love is everything people aren’t which makes it even more confusing. I mean how can love, the one feeling even the worst person feel not be about the person itself.

But Love is considered as something far and higher in realms than human.

Falling in love isn’t about oxytocin or Dopamine or endorphins or serotonin. No hormone or brain is involved in love.

To know if we are in love, we don’t really need to go in labs or questionnaires on internet.

You just have to go on some normal dates with that person and notice some simple things.

My heart races even when a guy holds my hand and that really tells you that my heart can’t tell what is love. Therefore, don’t think of your beating heart when you hold hands. It’s because of nervousness not love.

Does he make you nervous in good sense or a bad sense? Do you feel like being with him is right or wrong? If wrong, please do check on his background, it’s nothing wrong but for safety of yourself and this is for boys as well. Do check the background. It’s internet world people! Love might be about trust but it’s not about being deaf and dumb! Keep you eyes and ears open for your own safety!

Sit and talk, wonder and think. Does he make you not want to be who you are? Then, please pick your bag and ass and take a highway.

Does she make you think everything about you is wrong? Please, sir, remember who you are and understand that you can’t be another person for life.

Wondering about each other is good. Learn more about each other. Talk a lot. You need to know about each other to understand each other.

Don’t just go for appearances, in love people are blind. If you do, it’s not love.

Appearances don’t matter. My parents are happily married and there are times when their appearance is not to the top and yet my father would say something sweet about my mother because he loves her.

Love is nothing like the chaos mentioned in novel. Yes, it comes like that but it calms you down too. It is never constant because it’s not physics or chemistry where equations needs constant. It’s more of a variable. It keeps changing and there’s no way you can stop it.

If you feel insecure, it’s not wrong to doubt. Sometimes, it happens! And let your partner know of it, rather than bearing it!

If you think you can do all of this, then, my dear, you have already been in love with that person and all you have to do is cherish them. Go on and fall in love!

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