Is he attracted to you but is he hiding it? Is he sending you mixed signals that make you overthink day and night? Indeed, how do you know if a man is really attracted to you?
Well if someone asked me how many times I thought about the last question, I would be ashamed to tell them the truth.
Almost all of my romantic attempts have been filled with over-thinking and questions like: does this guy really love me or does he have an ulterior motive? Is he really attracted to me or am I just imagining things?
It’s hard to be a woman these days (referring to social media and other modern tools, or should I call them romance killers?). But maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s all in our heads!
Here’s the trick, ladies. We spent so much time thinking about every movement, word, body language and gesture of the men that we almost forgot to look at the big picture.
We pay so much attention to detail, which only makes things even more complicated. So my last guess is this:
It’s not hard to tell if a man is attracted to you or not. To the right things, you just have to pay attention!


If a man acts like he’s inside us but doesn’t say it, we’ll think about it too much. If a man says he’s in us, we’ll always question him.
I feel so relieved to finally tell the much needed truth about gender relations. Some men did all of those things that meant they cared about you. They always texted me almost at the same second, they initiated things, they never let me down in one way or another.
Yet they never said anything about loving me or being attracted to me. They were going with the flow and visibly facing their inner feelings and thoughts in the comfort of their man cave without sharing them with me.
Some of these men were really drawn to me, and some of them just enjoyed my company. How do I know?
Well, because those who weren’t attracted to me after awhile finally had the courage to admit that they loved me as a good friend (which I also agreed to).
Obviously, my overthinking was for a reason.
There were also some men who didn’t wait long to tell me what they thought of me. They complimented me, made me feel really special, acted like real gentlemen and kept saying how drawn they were to me.
As a skeptic, I didn’t believe them because I expected twists and turns in our love story. I waited until the day they would tell me it was all a lie, and they had been driven by euphoria instead of attraction.
As it turned out, some of these men were really attracted to me (both mentally and physically), while others were only attracted to me physically.
Obviously my skepticism was for a reason.
This is exactly why we have to face so many questions these days: is he attracted to you or is he just kind? Why doesn’t he express his thoughts and feelings (if there are any)?
Dear ladies, men are expressing their thoughts and feelings, but all this time we have been looking in the wrong direction.
If a man acts like this then you know he is TOTALLY attracted to you:

A man who is attracted to you will make sure to act like a gentleman ALL THE TIME (and not just when it suits him).

Here is the problem with men. When they’re truly in love with a girl, they INSTANTLY, and I mean instantly, decide to step up their game and become the best version of themselves overnight.
They can’t afford to make stupid mistakes that will prevent them from winning you over. A man who is attracted to you (both mentally and physically) will make sure to act like a true gentleman at all times. Everything else is just excuses.
Anyone can buy you a flower and do other romantic gestures, but only a man who cares completely about you will be willing to go beyond that.
One of the most obvious signs that a man is attracted to you is that he worries more about how you feel than what you make him feel. A man who is only focused on himself is not and will never really care about you. Everything else is just excuses.

A man who is drawn to you will fight for your attention ALL THE TIME.

I know for a fact that men who are genuinely interested and attracted to you will do anything to get your attention and preferably keep it. Even if they have a very busy schedule, they will still find a way to call you, text you, or schedule a date.
They will always find time to remind you that you are an important part of their life and not just some random person they think about when they are bored.
A man who is drawn to you will make sure to be darn impressive in every aspect of his courtesy game. Everything else is just excuses.

A man who is attracted to you will not be able to take his eyes off you.

Of course, the world is full of other attractive women that men meet on a daily basis when they go to work, in a store, on social media, etc. But a man who is truly drawn to you will always have his eyes all over YOU. How do I know?
I currently see a guy who told me several times that he fell in love with me. He’s a true gentleman (and more than that) and everything a woman would want in a man.
He said other women continued to send him their hot photos, toss things and even leave their phone numbers. He’s not only a good looking guy, but also a powerful businessman (hence all the attention).
Do you know the other day, what he told me? He said this: I want you to be my wife. I don’t care about others. I worry about you.
I needed a few minutes to figure out what exactly had happened. Do you know how long I’ve waited for a man who knows exactly what he wants and isn’t afraid to say it out loud?
A man who is attracted to you won’t care about other women, even if they are ten times more attractive than you. Why? Because he is struck by what you have to offer him and he doesn’t want anything else. Everything else is just excuses.

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