He always answers your texts without leaving you waiting too long. He does all those sweet, romantic gestures that other girls are happy about. He is gentle, kind and protective of you.

Sometimes he acts a bit remote if he’s going through a stressful time at work, sometimes he fails to meet your expectations, but he’s a great guy and you’re happy to be with him.

Wait, but does he love you? Has he said those three words before or are you still waiting for this pivotal moment to happen?

Here’s the thing with men: Even if they say those three words, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s genuinely in love with you. Also, even if he doesn’t say that I love you, that doesn’t mean he isn’t in love with you.

So how do you know if this man is really in love with you? There are things that only men who are truly in love do. These are usually little things that you need to pay attention to if you want to know if he really likes you!

“A man who is truly interested in a woman will find an endless number of reasons to see her.

A man who is just playing games – or who is confused about his own feelings – will find endless excuses not to show up. – Charles J. Orlando

A sure-fire way to tell if a man really loves you is to pay attention to his efforts. Does he initiate things? Does he always find a way to see you even when his schedule is busy?

A man in love does not play. Apologies don’t exist in her dictionary and I want you to memorize this sentence and repeat it in your head.

Here’s how I know a man is in love with me: I pay particular attention to the time he spends with me. Any man can give you expensive gifts, but a man who truly loves you will make sure he finds a way to spend quality time with you.

I know for sure that a man loves me if he always finds a way to text or call me no matter how busy he is. Even though he has a lot of meetings, my man makes sure to call me between them.

Even though he’s on a call, he doesn’t ignore me but sends me a screenshot so I know what he’s doing right now. Sometimes he also text me when calling with other people.

He’s the kind of man I respect! He’s the kind of man who doesn’t find excuses, but always finds a way to stay in touch with you and actively involve you in his life.


Because he really cares and loves you.

I always say that time is the most precious thing. If a man is in love with you he always finds a way to give you his time and attention (especially when you need him).

If a man really loves you, he will value your OPINION

It took me a while to realize that a man in love sees his wife as his greatest confidante, partner in crime, counselor, best friend, and lover. If a man is looking for your opinion on different topics then you know you are his goddess!

A man in love will see his wife as his greatest muse, inspiration and teacher. He will value your opinion before that of others because he trusts you and you know him best.

A man who is not in love does not act like you are a teammate. He keeps his life separate from you and makes decisions on his own. He does not make you an active part of his plans and decisions.

Women, this is how you know he really loves you:

  • He makes an effort to win you over every day.
  • He makes you an active part of his life.
  • Your happiness is his priority.

If a man really loves you, he won’t think about it too much, but he will listen to his instincts and act accordingly. He will be protective, caring and loving.

When a man loves a woman, he can be afraid of how much he cares about her. His love for you will never stagnate, but it will multiply every day. A man in love will find ten thousand new ways to prove it to you.

If a man see a future with you he really loves you

When a man falls in love, he focuses more on the future. You know he really loves you if he sees a future with you instead of just embracing the present.

The reason he will be more forward looking is because he wants to make sure you are happy with him now and a few years down the road.

He wants to give you the life you’ve always dreamed of. He wants to be that one man who will make you happy and show you another side of life.

When a man is in love, he thinks only of himself. One of the biggest signs that he sees a future with you is if he no longer uses the pronoun “I” but “we”.

He listens to your wishes and dreams and does his best to make them come true.


Because he really cares and loves you.

A man in love will constantly work to become the best version of himself for you. He’ll also want you to meet his friends and family because you’re the woman of his dreams, and he can’t wait to introduce them to you.

If a man really loves you, you won’t find the word low effort in his vocabulary.

When a man falls in love, his wife becomes something sacred to him. He sees her as a beautiful flower that must be watered regularly to keep blooming.

He sprinkles you with compliments, romantic gestures, kindness, generosity and respect. He never makes you question his love.

He never lets you wait. He never disappoints you. Even if he does, he makes sure to apologize and never make the same mistake again.

If a man take care of you and your needs, he really loves you.

He won’t do it because he has to, but he will because he wants to. He will take care of you and put your needs before his.

When a man falls in love, his world becomes a colorful and happier place because of his love for you.

When a man falls in love, he doesn’t have time to play games because he’s busy finding new ways to woo you.

When a man falls in love, you can see it in his eyes because his love for you makes them brighter.

If a man never make you question love, he really loves you.

They say that any man can love a thousand women, but only a few can love a woman in a thousand ways. If he really loves you, you will be the only woman for him in the world, and he will love you a little more every day than he did yesterday.

He will want to share everything with you because his life is so much fuller with you.

He will want to see the real you with all your imperfections and weird habits and will love you for who you are and not for who he wants you to be.

Your life will be better with a man who really loves you.

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