There is no better way to achieve this than with a hat that will add a little more glamor to your outfit. But you don’t want to stand out when wearing a hat. To help you out, we’ve got some inspiring style ideas to make you stand out with a hat.

You see a black semi-transparent wide-brimmed hat embroidered with feathers looks beautiful. Try it on evening dresses and formal items.
The wide brimmed hat is the easiest way to get everyone’s attention. All models presented are perfect for lying down and strolling in the sun, whether on the beach, on the way to work or for a relaxing vacation abroad.

A Wide Straw hat are must for summer as they will give you light shade while letting you enjoy the cool breeze. It looks even better when paired with a denim apron dress that goes all the way down to the feet. And a wide straw hat looks enough with a long-sleeved, off-the-shoulder denim tunic, white skinny jeans, and brown leather strappy sandals.

DO NOT wear a hat on the red carpet. Sorry Ashley Benson, we generally think hats shouldn’t be worn on formal occasions, let alone on red carpets.

Try to wear it with your long hair and wear those hot summer highlights. Pair the hat with skinny jeans to add some harshness to your look and finish with a white blouse.

DO NOT wear a Batman /baseball cap on the red carpet.Let’s try to dress at night, right?

A cowboy hat that gives your outfit a country feel. Go for one with beautiful prints to create that fun and stylish summer look. Wear it with the ’90s dungarees that go just above the knees for a cool and sexy finish. Keep your hair long, preferably shoulder length, for a classic look.

Once you have a nice great looking hat, everything else goes hand in hand. Have fun styling!


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