A person born between September 23th and October 22nd is a Libra. The Libra is represented by the scales, which symbolizes his or her defining characteristic: a desire for balance or harmony. If you have feelings for a Libra, you will need to be patient, romantic, and prepared to treat him or her to the finer things in life.

Part 1

Attracting a Libra

1. Always be just. Libras are extremely concerned with fairness and justice, and there’s no bigger turnoff than someone who behaves in an unsavory manner. Before making a decision, take a moment to consider all the different sides of the issue at hand. Your Libra will appreciate that you are trying to be fair and balanced in your judgement.

  • If your Libra sees you acting unfairly–maybe you’re selfishly trying to get more than your fair share of something, or she sees you are dismissing someone without giving them a chance to prove themselves– she will quickly lose interest in you as a potential mate.

2. Flatter your Libra with genuine compliments. Libras love to be loved and appreciated. Consider why you are attracted to your libra–from his friendly smile to his fantastic fashion sense to his exquisite ear for music–and let him know you appreciate those things about him.

  • A Libras’ preoccupation with beauty includes maintaining his own beauty, so make sure you compliment his new haircut, his lovely eyes, his strong hands.
  • Don’t compliment your Libra on his beautiful singing voice and then never mention it again. Reaffirming how much you value your Libra will help him feel secure and assure him your compliments are for real.

3. Ask your Libra lots of questions about himself. Libras enjoy expressing themselves and your interest in his life and interests will catch his attention. Libras are often concerned with seeing everyone else’s point of view, and he will appreciate you wanting to know about his point of view.

  • Ask your Libra about his interests and hobbies, his favorite musicians, artists, and film makers.
  • Ask about your Libra’s take on current events–he’ll want to explore every side of the issue, so make sure you let him know you also care about what he thinks.

4. Embrace your Libra’s social side. Libra’s are social butterflies–they’re adored by most people and are often very popular. Be ready to accompany her to parties and events and for her social calendar to fill up quickly. If you can’t keep up with her rigorous social calendar, that’s okay–just don’t get mad at her for

  • Don’t freak out if your Libra is a little flirty with other people. Libras want to treat everyone fairly, so you may feel like the apple of her eye until you notice her giving someone else just as much attention. This is part of her personality, so if you can’t be secure about your relationship with her despite of this trait, you may want to pursue someone else.

5. Invite your Libra to a museum, opera, gallery opening, or something that appeals to his love of art and beauty. Libras are artistic and appreciate the beautiful things in life. Dates that celebrate creativity and beauty, like watching a foreign film, going to a concert, or taking a walk through a sculpture garden, will speak to his artistic side.

  • A Libra’s love of beauty touches all aspects of his life, so always try to look your best, look polished and keep your home clean when you know he’s coming over.

Part 2

Dating a Libra

1. Don’t rush your Libra when she is making big decisions. Because she is so concerned with fairness and seeing every angle, a Libra will take her time making decisions–even decisions about you! It may take her a while to fully commit or decide that you’re the one she truly wants to be with, but the best thing you can do is let her figure it out without any pressure from you. When she decides you are the one, you know it’s not a rash or impulsive decision, and she’s truly in it for the long run.

  • Don’t mock your Libra for being indecisive. She needs patience and understanding while she makes up her mind.
  • If you pressure a Libra to make a decision and they end up feeling it was a bad choice, she will blame and resent you for rushing her.
  • When it comes to smaller decisions, like where to get dinner, it’s okay to take charge if she’s having trouble deciding. She may even feel relieved you took that issue off her plate.

2. Make sure your relationship is full of romance. Libras are total romantics and love all the old-school trappings–flowers, chocolate candies, candle-lit dinners. The bigger the gesture, the better.

  • Put love notes in her coat pocket or inside her book to surprise her later.
  • Surprise her with a bedroom decorated with candles, rose petals, and expensive champagne.

3. Libras love luxury. Try booking a room at a fancy hotel, taking him to the nicest restaurants, traveling to exotic locations to share a picnic under the stars. Make sure gifts and experiences are elegant and refined and not frilly, obnoxious, or common.

  • Pamper your Libra with spa days and breakfast in bed–part of luxuriating means letting him enjoy spoils without necessarily having to work for them.
  • Go for roses over carnations or wildflower bouquets.
  • Splurge on that Rolex for his birthday and make a reservation at a Michelin-rated restaurant to meet your Libra’s desire for luxury.

4. Encourage your Libra to speak honestly, even if she thinks it will hurt your feelings. Honest communication can be difficult for Libras. When trying to keep things harmonious, she can bury or ignore messy feelings, like that she’s angry with you or has doubts about your relationship. She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by saying something that might be unpleasant, but in the long run, keeping quiet can be even more harmful.

  • Tell your Libra you value her opinion, and emphasize that the fairest thing she can do is be honest with you, even if she thinks the truth will hurt.
  • Libras may seem detached from emotional situations. As an air sign, they tend to watch things from above, and try to remove themselves from messy entanglements. This doesn’t mean she’s unfeeling, just that she’s trying to be impartial and fair by taking a step back from the situation.

Part 3

Figuring Out Best and Worst Compatibility with Libras

1. Get ready for a passionate, lasting connection if you are a Gemini dating a Libra. You both love travel, spending money, socializing, and adventure. You and your Libra are so in sync you actually make other people jealous. Though you can both be very flirtatious, the romance and spontaneity in your relationship will hold your interest. Share ideas, debate, and be careful not to wear each other out!

  • Keep in mind both Gemini and Libra can be indecisive. If your Libra isn’t stepping up with the decision making, you’ll have to make the calls to keep things from going stagnant.
  • Pay attention to your finances. Since you both love luxury and spending money on the finer things, you may be in danger of getting into debt. Indulge each other, but take care that you are being responsible with your money.

2. Find your best friend and lover if you are an Aquarius dating a Libra. You and your Libra will never run out of things to discuss, and you’re both very social and and fun-loving. Choose date activities that will stimulate conversation and allow you and your Libra to really dig into issues–check out thought-provoking films, outsider art, or read the same book and get into a deep discussion.

  • Try to keep your rebellious streak in check–you may not care much what other people think, but this is very important to Libras. Don’t mock her for caring about things like manners or her desire to be popular.

3. Prepare for a volatile relationship if you’re a Cancer dating a Libra. While you’re both seeking a connection, Libras are looking for mental compatibility and can appear detached to someone seeking a primarily emotional connection. Cancers can be moody, while Libras are obsessed with harmony and not rocking the boat. You will have to work hard to understand each other’s points of view to make this difficult match work.

  • Being very social and flirtatious is part of a Libra’s nature–try not to get angry or see it as a sign of disloyalty if your Libra wants to go out and spends lots of time with friends. Libras are actually very loyal!
  • Ask your Libra for what you need–he is unlikely to intuit this on his own.

4. Allow your Libra’s lightheartedness to loosen you up if you are a Capricorn trying to date a Libra. Capricorns are very serious and career-minded, while Libras are social butterflies and think more about relationships than their careers. Libra’s need to be complimented and like constant validation and Capricorns aren’t always generous with praise. If you want this relationship to work, you’ll have to open yourself up to being a little more social and save some of your energy and attention for your partner instead of focusing only on work.

  • Try letting your Libra’s friendliness and sociability work for your career. She’ll be a great date for work functions–your boss, your coworkers, your clients, everyone will love your charismatic libra.
  • A traditional role of breadwinner and homemaker can work for you two, but it may also cause things to become stagnant and dull. Make sure you’re breaking up work with vacations and not spending every weekend away from your Libra.


  • Remember that these are not hard and fast rules. These traits will not apply to each and every Libra you meet. Pay more attention to what your Libra love says and how he or she acts, even if it contradicts some of the essential traits of his or her sign.
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