One of the most common fears we meet here at The Art of Charm is guys who are afraid of women thinking they are scary.

“How do I flirt with girls without seeming creepy?” guys ask us.

Well, the good news is that you probably don’t do anything that girls think is scary. But if you really want to be sure, here are five tips on how to flirt with girls without looking scary.
Here is a guide to flirting with a woman in the most respectful way. This can spark a healthy conversation between the two of you and lead to the start of something new and amazing.

Eye Contact 

Direct eye contact is a sign of telling someone that you love them. Keep eye contact long enough to let her know that you are interested, but not too long as it could get scary, which you obviously don’t want. When your eyes meet, smile at each other and maintain eye contact to start a conversation.
Do not forget to notice his gestures, his hand movements, etc. – her body language can tell you if she is in you. Keep watching it during the conversation to determine your next move, but don’t watch it.
Approach Confidently
Approaching with confidence could be the most important thing when it comes to flirting with girls. In addition, confident men are almost never considered “scary”. So how do you approach with confidence? First, you want to approach immediately. Second, you want to move forward with a confident gait and your head held high. And the most important thing to flirt with girls is …

You Should be a Good Listener 

Well, that should be obvious. As much as you like to talk about yourself, others too. Listen to what she is saying, don’t pretend, as it is not so difficult to know whether a person is listening to you or not. If you listen to her carefully, she will definitely want to talk to you more. So listen.

Smile More!

Who does not like a smiling face? You might fail to flirt, but a real smile is enough to show her that you are in her and that you want to move on. A smile shows her confidence and she will know that you are a nice guy who is just trying to get to know her better.

Compliment her 

As humans, we all love appreciation and compliments. Complimenting is a great way to make the girl fall for you. But make sure it’s a real compliment, not something you make up. A direct compliment shows the other person in what light you see them.

Take Away…

While there is no set rule for flirting, there is a thin line between being attractive and being scary. You need to know what may or may not sound nice. When it comes to flirting, there are plenty of ways to pretend to be a fool, but with a subtle approach, you can look more authentic than cheesy.

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