Some people believe that astrological signs can affect personality. If you are attracted to someone who is a Cancer, know that some think Cancers are warm, loving, and emotional people. Think about these qualities as you plan dates and develop a relationship with a Cancer woman.

Method 1

Planning Dates

1. Opt for intimate settings. Some believe Cancer women do not love big, rowdy establishments. They tend to be drawn to intimacy, so they may dislike a rowdy bar as a date setting. Opt for a smaller, intimate location where it is easy to converse.

  • For example, book a corner table in a tiny, romantic restaurant. You can also try a first date at a quiet coffee shop.
  • If you go out to a bar, make sure it’s quiet. Bars with loud music and huge crowds are unlikely to win a cancer woman’s favor.

2. Take trips together. Some think Cancer women love traveling. A good way to plan a date is planning short trips. Take her away for the weekend on occasion to somewhere she has never been before. A Cancer woman will appreciate this gesture.

  • You do not need to spend a fortune on a trip. A day trip to a nearby city can be a great way to spend a Saturday with a Cancer woman.
  • Remember that Cancer women prefer intimate settings. When planning activities for a day trip, look for locations that are quiet and low-key over loud bars and crowded restaurants.

3. Make the first move during dates. Some think Cancer women prefer it if their partner makes the first move. They are unlikely to initiate physical contact or the first kiss. If a cancer woman seems engaged with you, try brushing her hand, touching her arm, or leaning in for a kiss.
4. Plan events with a few close friends. If you’re planning something like a birthday party for a Cancer woman, smaller is generally better. Cancer women have a few close relationships and prefer to spend time with small groups of people. Gather a Cancer woman’s close friends for events rather than inviting, say, everyone from her office or casual acquaintances from school.

  • You can, for example, have a birthday party for your Cancer woman in your home. Invite a few of her closest friends and plan low-key activities like board games.
  • If you take a Cancer woman out for her birthday, invite only a handful of friends and choose a quiet location.

5. Opt for genuine romantic gestures. Those who believe in astrology find Cancer women appreciate sincerity in a partner more than their career, material possessions, or education. Romantic gestures should come from a place of sincerity. Rather than trying to impress her with an expensive date night, go for something personal for her.

  • For example, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a fancy restaurant. Instead, plan an intimate picnic lunch in area that’s personally meaningful for you, like the park where you first met.

Method 2

Fostering an Emotional Connection

1. Be direct and sincere with her. Some find Cancer women are sincere and loving by nature. They tend to be drawn to partners who can match them in this respect. When dating a cancer woman, work on opening up to her. Be sincere about what you’re feeling and thinking if you want to win her favor.

  • Be honest about expectations regarding the relationship. Let her know if you’re looking for something casual or something more longterm. Cancer women appreciate honesty.
  • Share your feelings with her. If a Cancer woman asks, “How are you?”, they are not looking for a generic answer. Tell her honestly. Instead of saying, “I’m all right,” say something like, “I’m feeling a little stressed at work. Can we talk for a bit?”

2. Accept occasional mood swings. According to astrology, Cancer women tend to have more volatile emotions. It’s not uncommon for a Cancer woman to be in a good mood in the morning and a sour mood by nightfall. Make sure you deal with her emotions accordingly. Cancer women need partners who are able support and understand their feelings.

  • Do not try to talk a Cancer woman out of her feelings. This will not go over well. Instead, ask questions and let her express herself.
  • Provide support rather than advice. Say things like, “I’m sorry you’re feeling that way? How can I help?”

3. Allow her to care for you. Some think Cancer women are naturally nurturing. Do not be surprised if your Cancer girlfriend wants to baby you a little. This is how Cancer women show affection, so try to accept it rather than push away from it.

  • A Cancer woman may want to nurture you when you’re feeling down. It’s not uncommon for her to do things like do your dishes or clean your house if you’re having a bad day.
  • Allow her to do this on occasion. Do not try to talk her out of it. Instead, show gratitude. Thank her for what she does.

4. Listen. According to Astrology, Cancer women need to express themselves openly. As a Cancer woman’s partner, you need to learn to listen. When she talks, give her your full attention.

  • Do things like nod and maintain eye contact to show her you are paying attention.
  • Repeat what she said to make sure you understand and ask clarifying questions if necessary. For example, “I’m hearing you feel a little stressed out at work. Why is that?”

5. Make sure to ask what she wants. Those who believe in astrology find Cancer women tend to want a partner who is emotionally in sync with her. She finds intimacy by having someone understand her wants and needs. In order to foster an intimate connection, make sure to ask what she wants.

  • Cancer women may assume their partners are on the same page as them. She may assume that, if you’re dating her, you understand her. As you’re unable to always see what’s going on in her mind, this can be frustrating. Make sure to take the initiative to ask.
  • For example, say something like, “I was just wondering if we could talk about what you want and need? Just let me know where you’re at with this relationship and what you’re feeling.”

Method 3

Creating a Longterm Bond

1. Invite her into your home life. Some think Cancer women are homemakers by nature. If the relationship is serious, invite her into your home life. Give her keys to your place when you feel comfortable. Allow her to meet your family members and friends. In a longterm relationship, a Cancer woman will want to feel like she is really part of your life.
2. Talk about having children. According to astrology, Cancer women are motherly by nature and tend to want families. While not every Cancer woman wants kids, be open to the conversation. It is not unusual for a Cancer woman to bring up children in a longterm relationship, so be prepared to share your feelings regarding having kids. If you do not want children, there is a chance a relationship with a Cancer woman will not last for you.

  • Not all Cancer women want children, however. Some may want to expend their nurturing nature on a family pet. Be open to getting something like a dog or a cat with a Cancer woman eventually.

3. Treasure her emotional side. Some believe Cancer women are very emotional and loving and need a partner who appreciates this. Learn to see her moods as a positive. She is expressive and in touch with her emotions. While this can sometimes result in mood swings, it also helps her be more emotionally expressive with kindness, love, and support.
4. Keep up with regular communication. Some think Cancer women prefer partners who are open and sensitive. Be prepared to readily share your emotions with a Cancer woman. Regular communication is key to a longterm romance.

  • Make time to talk. Try to, say, have dinner together every night. You can also learn to make conversation during day to day tasks, like doing dishes.


  • Always remember to show physical affection.
  • Always show that you’re quite polite because it overwhelms them.


  • Cancer people can be depressed, moody, selfish, and even nasty. Always make sure you don’t make your Cancer woman feel ignored.
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