AI is a AI-primarily based totally chatbot created with the assist of studies and learnings of Population Foundation of India’s transmedia social and behavior alternate verbal exchange programme.

  • Available on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, it addresses queries on sexual reproductive fitness and on-line safety.
  • Where do younger humans pass after they want records on sexual and reproductive fitness? I requested 15-year-antique female from New Delhi this question. I ought to feel she become hesitant to speak to an person approximately it. Her solutions have been evasive and full of hmmms… and a few ‘maybes’ after which reluctantly moved directly to books, buddies, and the net. Not the intercourse schooling training in faculty though – the ones have been “clinical”!
  • When it involves topics of sexual and reproductive fitness, young people like Minal face some of challenges – loss of confirmed records, well timed guidance, and healthcare. How SnehAI works But what if there may be some thing they are able to without problems talk with – privateness guaranteed, with records confirmed and vetted with the aid of using specialists in a medium they understood best?
  • Enter SnehAI, a pleasant chatbot powered with the aid of using synthetic intelligence that tries to reply all of your queries in a pleasant and non-judgemental area. I log into Facebook Messenger via SnehAI’s internet site (you could achieve this on WhatsApp as well) to apprehend the chatbot and its working. I am now no longer a teenager, however having raised one now no longer too lengthy ago, I can try.
  • A pleasant determine pops up and reassures me, “Mujhe insaano ke saath confuse mat kar dena (don’t confuse me with humans)” and is going directly to reassure me in Hinglish that I ought to communicate to the bot tension-loose approximately fitness and on-line safety, the ones topics I am commonly reluctant to percentage with buddies and own circle of relatives.
  • There are alternatives to pick out among fitness and well being and on-line safety. Under on-line safety, I can click on on specific subjects like ‘our on-line world ke sitare’, ‘smash ke baad’, ‘gaming shaming’, ‘net champions’, and others. These quick motion pictures warning in opposition to speakme to strangers on social media, trolling, and methods to keep privateness.
  • The language is easy and clean to apprehend. While I navigate fitness and well being, SnehAI assures me that anything transpires among us is private. Here too, there are informative motion pictures, helplines, stories, quizzes, and video games to apprehend standards like menstruation, enchantment and love, friendship, and extra.
  • Since its release in April 2019, SnehAI has attracted over 157,257 lively customers, and exchanged 8.ninety million+ messages with customers throughout 297,377 sessions.
  • This chatbot powered with the aid of using synthetic intelligence become created with the assist of the studies and learnings of the Population Foundation of India’s transmedia social and behavior alternate verbal exchange program, Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon (MKBKSH; I, A Woman, Can Achieve, Anything).
  • A beneficial on-line avatar Tejwinder S. Anand To apprehend extra on why and the way the chatbot become evolved, SocialStory spoke with Tejwinder S Anand, Joint Director, Communications and Operations, Population Foundation.
  • “In 2014, we had released a transmedia social and behavior alternate verbal exchange programme on Doordarshan, Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon. A Woman, Can Achieve, Anything) that ran for 3 seasons. SnehAI’s avatar is primarily based totally at the lead protagonist of the display, Dr Sneha.
  • The avatar is approachable and seems like a person who younger humans can see as a pal and might brazenly communicate to,” he says. The 360-diploma technique on women’s fitness additionally protected celebs who unfold the phrase approximately the display. As an extension of the display, and with the intention to attain out to younger individuals who are on social media, the concept of the SnehAI chatbot evolved. Facebook become the extensively used platform in 2019, and become to be had on Messenger.
  • “The concept become to offer a stable and non-judgmental area to younger humans, so they might find out about troubles associated with their fitness and well being. The display addressed socio-cultural norms round own circle of relatives, making plans, gender equality, and recommended more healthy behaviour.
  • It additionally blanketed sanitation withinside the 0.33 season,” Tejwinder says. He says the concept become to get humans to have interaction round own circle of relatives making plans and sexual reproductive fitness, including that the chatbot become to begin with evolved for Facebook Messenger only. SnehaAI become evolved with content material round numerous subject matters that have been menu and keyword-primarily based totally.
  • It become released as a menu-primarily based totally click on movement bot that customers ought to navigate via SnehAI’s Facebook web page and chat without problems with. The group additionally engaged in some of on-line and offline promotions to popularise the chatbot. According to Tejwinder, a number of queries are round adolescent fitness, and encompass masturbation and pornography. However, the maximum range of questions are round secure intercourse – topics like abortion, STDs, teenage pregnancy, etc.
  • Queries on troubles surrounding girl reproductive fitness like menstruation, virginity, and birth control also are received. Initially, the chatbot become released with content material on Sexual and Reproductive (SRH) troubles. “We educated the bot to capable of perceive sure key phrases and all of those are in Hinglish, neither Hindi or English, that is the desired chat language for numerous younger humans. The multimedia layout makes it each educative and engaging,” Tejwinder says.
  • No records is sought approximately the user’s name, location, or telecellsmartphone range, and they are able to delete the chat records on Messenger. SnehAI is now additionally to be had via its internet site and on WhatsApp. “As one of the incubatees of the WhatsApp Incubator Program (WIP) of Meta, Population Foundation of India used the WhatsApp Business Platform to facilitate wonderful and measurable fitness consequences thru this chatbot. As a part of the preliminary pilot, approximately, 35,895 customers chatted with SnehAI on WhatsApp.”hai
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