Don’t be greedy. Don’t demand everything right away. Stop for a moment and look at your life.

It’s not so bad. To be thankful you have a lot of things.

So love is not, for the moment, one of them, but it will be. Just be patient.

You will find someone who will accept your fears and anxieties. You will find someone who will understand why you are closing the door and taking it all.

He will understand that you are chronically dissatisfied because things are not going the way you want them to.

He will know that you are frustrated because you try so hard and you get nothing in return.

Everywhere you go, wait for the man who thinks you are the most beautiful woman.

Wait for the man who will erase your insecurities and make you walk proudly, happy in your skin.

Wait for the man in whose arms you feel most secure. Wait for the man who will wipe the tears from your eyes.

A man who will always stand before you to defend you from evil. A man who will sacrifice himself for you out of pure love.

Wait for the one who will put a smile on your face when everything looks blue. Wait for the man who makes you feel the happiest woman in the world just by hearing his voice in the morning or reading his hello text.

Wait for the man who will show you why every relationship you’ve had so far was completely wrong.

Wait for the one whose words are not empty, the one who fulfills his promises. Wait for the one who will show you that he loves you, who will actually act on his words.

Wait for the man who will never let you hang, and keep wondering what you’re real about and why you fight. With him, you will know.

Because when real love arises, you don’t need an explanation. You don’t need an announcement. You just know.

Wait for the man who will never disappoint you. A man who will try as hard as you do. A man who will care as much as you do.

Wait for someone who will make you never regret choosing them over everyone else.

Wait for the one who will never convince you that you are not good enough, that you need to change.

The one who will support you and learn to love the fact that you are weird and the fact that you have quirks that no one can understand. Wait for the man who doesn’t care about perfection because he’s not perfect either.

Wait for the man who will show you what true love is. The man who will ignore the whole world just because he has you and that’s enough.

Wait for the man who would go to the ends of the earth for you. Wait for the man you would do all of these things for as well.

Wait for his true love because he will find you someday.

Wait for the one who knows life is messed up and messy. The one who knows nothing is easily given to anyone, the one who will fight for something he wants.

Wait for the man who knows that love is not just flowers and candy.

The one who knows that there will be fights and that there will be tears, but in the end everything will disappear because your love, true love, will win and overcome all the obstacles and trials that God has subjected you to.

Wait for the man who is afraid of losing you, because if he did, he would say goodbye to much of his own heart.

Wait for the man who makes love easy and effort… wait… less.

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