Whenever I text or date a new guy, I immediately have to share it with my best friend. Whenever I feel bad, the first person I call is my best friend.
Our conversations range from an existential crisis to a random conversation at 2 a.m., as neither of us can fall asleep.
Our best friends aren’t just random people we choose to hang out with because they’re fun to be around. They are much more than that!
They are both our confidant, family member, relationship counselor and our favorite person (when they don’t bore us).
Without them, we wouldn’t know how strong and able we are to do the strangest things at the most inappropriate times, like laughing your ass off when you’re supposed to be acting professionally.
Our best friends understand us. They know our weaknesses and preferences, and they certainly know how to challenge us to become better versions of ourselves.
Sometimes we want to kill them (when they embarrass us in front of others), but we can’t because we love them too much.
Our best friends will always be the most special people in our lives, and that’s why they deserve to know how much they mean to us!

“When you have a best friend, things are never so scary.” – Bill Watterson

The world where we live is a scary place. We are surrounded by 7.6 billion people. In my personal experience, half of them are either social media catfish or legitimate monsters (maybe I’m overdoing it, but you get the idea).
What I’m trying to say is: do you know how hard it is to find a best friend or at least friends who really care about you?
It’s really difficult, if not impossible, the mission, but I found mine and I am so grateful for it. With a best friend, things never get so scary and the world seems to be a happier place.
When you find that someone who completely understands you, cares about you, and is always telling you the truth, no matter how painful it is, you know you’ve won.
Finding that special someone like this can take years, but when you meet your true best friend (if you haven’t already) you’ll never feel alone in this big world again.
If you feel anxious before a test, your best friend will know what to do. They will make you laugh so hard that you will forget you actually have an exam.
When you’re on a bad date, freedom is at your fingertips because your best friend will do anything for you (even if that means lying to others).
When you feel sorry for yourself, they won’t join you. Instead, they’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear, even if it’s the last thing you want to hear.
Because that’s what friends do for each other, and they know you would do the same for them.

“Those friends are rare people who ask how we are doing and wait to hear the answer.” – Ed Cunningham

In a world full of selfishness and the pursuit of false ideals, true friends are those few people who actually care about how you feel. They don’t ask you things for the sake of asking them.
When a best friend asks you how you are doing, you don’t even have to tell them anything because they already know from your facial expressions and your vibe.
Yet, they will wait to hear the answer because they want you to confirm what they already know.
Best Friends have this telepathic superpower, and you’ll never be able to fake anything in front of them, which makes them so amazing.
You can’t just pretend you love this random person when they know you despise them. Luckily, you don’t have to be polite in front of your friend to make them like you.
You can be who you are even when you think you shouldn’t.
You can make a fool of yourself without feeling embarrassed at all.
You can ask them the dumbest questions in the world and they will be amazed at the level of your confidence and creativity.

The ones who bring out the best in us are best friends

They don’t judge you. They don’t make you uncomfortable being who you are in front of them. They inspire you and motivate you to achieve your goals.
They believe in you even when everyone else fails to do so. No matter how many times you argue with them, you always know that in the end you’ll be fine because that’s what best friends do!
When they don’t have the time of their life, they fight, they contradict each other, and sometimes they say things they don’t mean. But that doesn’t mean they don’t care about each other anymore.
Best friends are special people and a relationship with them is anything but ordinary. That is why they deserve to be saluted.
The efforts of our best friends deserve to be recognized, and here is one of the things you should tell your best friend right now:
You are my person and will always be my person.
Let your best friend know that you are. When they feel down, you feel the same. When they are happy, you are even happier.
Let them know that you enjoyed everything you’ve been through with them, from the saddest times to the happiest. Your best friend deserves to know that he will always be you no matter what.
Even if the whole world begins to plot against them, let them know that you will always be the one on their side who holds their hand. Your best friend deserves to know how special he is to you and how much this friendship means to you.

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