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It’s like an unwritten law that if you go after something, if you keep chasing it, it just goes farther and farther away.
The same goes for love. The more you think about it, the more you do to reach it, the faster it slips through your fingers.
I remember waking up in the middle of the night breathless, terrified I would never find this one.
That I will end up alone. This time will slip away. That I’ll be too old. That I won’t have anyone else to turn to.
These dreams and thoughts haunted me so much that I became desperate in my mission to find “the one”. I moved too fast.
I was expecting too much too soon. I lived in illusion instead of living in reality. That’s why I’d always end up with someone who’s not at all right for me.
I would give all my heart to those who weren’t worth checking out. I was running in tireless circles until I realized I had to stop.
I had to change my ways. They weren’t taking me anywhere. I had to muster all my courage and wait for what I want and deserve.
I was almost tired of relationships and half-loves. And although waiting was the hardest choice, I decided to do it.
I have decided that this time I will build a relationship with myself. Somehow I had lost sight of who I am in this search for love.
It was time to find this person. To reinvent myself. Do the things I always wanted but never took the time to.
I really managed to find myself. I was the same and at the same time so different. This time my past was more than my teacher.
I learned who I am, my likes and dislikes, my needs, wants, ambitions and aspirations – especially what I am willing to endure and what I will not tolerate under any circumstances.
I decided to stop letting my desire for love cloud my judgments. I stopped inviting toxic men into my life by not allowing them to treat me badly – by not being the ones they could easily manipulate and manipulate.
Finally, I got what I wanted. Without running after love, I let it come to me. And it took his precious time. He didn’t come when I expected him.
He came unexpectedly and at the most awkward moment. I was no longer looking for love. I did my own thing and let it happen.
Now I know why it hadn’t worked with anyone before. The things I feel for him now are beyond anything I have ever felt for anyone.
For the first time, I know I am where I was always meant to be and despite the occasional fears I know he is here to stay.
Listen to my advice. I have been there. Don’t hang on to someone who is not for you. They only block your path to find love.
They make you miss life, from yourself while you waste time with someone unworthy.
When the right person arrives, you will recognize them for the way they respond to your love. No one will need to run after anyone.
Love will flow. The feelings will be mutual. The investments will be reciprocal. And you won’t need to ask for anything.
Your love will look like a dream, but it will be real at the same time. This will be something you both have to work on.
You’ll run into some issues along the way, but you’ll never allow them to be bigger or stronger than the bond you share.
You will not be perfect or the same, but you will somehow find a way to fit into each other’s worlds.
It will be so because you both want it. It takes two people who are really, madly, deeply for each other to make a relationship work. Everything else is fairy tales.
Take it from someone who knows – everything will work out and it will be better than you might imagine. Stop the chase and put your fears at the side. Breathe. Work on yourself for yourself.
See what you’re made of. Make your dreams come true. When you are too busy with yourself love will find you. Love will find you at the right time and not a minute sooner.

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