Does A Man Miss You When There Is Silence_A Glimpse Of His Mind

The moment you break up with the man you still love is the moment you start to wonder how to get him back. The same happens when you’re dealing with a guy who plays hot and cold games – you want to find a way to keep him by your side forever.

Is being always available the way to stay alive in a man’s heart and mind? Or does the silence make a man miss you and want you?

Even if you want to call your man right now and invite him over, ask for an explanation or a second chance. Believe me this is not the way to go when I tell you. You just show him that he can have you anytime he wants. Or, he’ll think you’re too needy and just walk away from you.

Either way, the bottom line is that you won’t get your ex back and you won’t get a guy to commit.

Therefore, the answer to the question: “Does silence make a man miss you?” is “Yes, that’s right.” You just need to play your cards in a right way, and before you know it, he’ll be the one begging for another chance.

What does silence do to a man?

The silent treatment will make all men miss you. Leaving him alone will bring him back to you – ironic as it sounds, this is the basis of male psychology.

First of all, he will do everything possible to find out more about your feelings and where you are. Are you already on it? Do you see someone new? Have you forgotten that it never existed?

Whether he likes it or not, these questions and others like them will start to haunt him. All the while, you were close at hand, and now, suddenly, you are nowhere.

It must mean something, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to understand you. Before you know it, he won’t be able to get you out of his head – just the way you want him to.

Why is silence powerful in a man?

The power of silence is in the anticipation it brings. This is the first time this guy couldn’t predict your next move.

He has no idea what you did. He doesn’t know if this is all a game or if you’ve really stopped loving it.

All of this puzzled him, and after a while he couldn’t take it anymore – he had to reach out to get all the answers he wanted.

Besides, silence is also powerful because it is a sign of your strength and confidence. It shows that you are not afraid of losing this man forever.

Instead, you are living your best life without it. That’s pretty good proof that you survived his absence, isn’t it?

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Things to expect after using silence

I know you’re wondering what’s going on in the mind of a contactless man. Well, let’s not forget that every relationship is different and no man is the same.

Therefore, there are different possible reactions that you can get after using silence. Here are the most common.

Reaching out

The good news is, in most cases, you’ll get the result you were hoping for – the guy you dreamed of will likely get in touch with you first.

Whenever you ask from yourself, “Does silence make a man miss you?” You expect a positive response. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be exposing yourself to all this mess, would you?

You gave him the silent treatment, and it helped him realize that he couldn’t survive without you. Or, he just doesn’t want to do it – the end result is pretty much the same.

The point is, this man called you, texted you, or tried something else to get in touch with you. In fact, most men won’t text you to let you know how much they miss you right away.

They won’t be that simple for one reason: because they test the waters. You should be aware that this man doesn’t know if this is all part of your game or if you are really done with him.

In fact, it is obvious that he was afraid of losing you. This means that he bought your tower: he has no idea that you are doing all this to get it back; he thinks you are about to overcome it.

A man in this position has no idea that he is in fact the bait here. That’s a good thing, and it means you got it where you wanted it from the start.

This is exactly why it’s safe to expect a text in which he asks you for help on the silliest thing, wants to grab his favorite t-shirt, or randomly reminds you of a cute memory of something that you both shared.

Remember: these are all excuses. He doesn’t want to give you a chance to refuse him, so he makes up a reason to reach out.

That way, even if you don’t respond or give him a cold shoulder, he still has his dignity. After all, he just asked you something – it’s not like he’s poured out all of his emotions and told you that he can’t live without you.

On the other hand, if you do respond, you can be one hundred percent sure that he will continue the conversation no matter what. He broke the ice once he got feedback, and now he can keep coming back under your skin inch by inch.

What should you do?

The most important thing now is not to interrupt the contactless period just because he texted you once. Don’t put yourself in a situation where he says “jump” and you ask yourself “how high?”

The first impulse you have is probably to run into this man’s arms. After all, you’ve been waiting for this to happen for so long and finally got what you wanted from the start, so what’s the point in postponing your reaction?

Well the truth is you should think twice before you act. Is this man really ready to change his ways? Does he want you to come back or is he just checking to see if he can have you whenever he wants?

Let us not forget that he has not yet made a declaration of love. Therefore, it is quite possible that this is only part of his game.

Of course, it all depends on who initiated the breakup or who started these hot and cold games. If that was you, and now you regret it, it is perfectly reasonable to welcome it openly.

Nonetheless, if that was him, is it possible that his ego hurt the moment you went without contact? Is it possible that he wows you the moment he sees that all it took was a movement for you to come back to him?

I hate being the one to break your bubble, and I know it’s the last thing you want to hear right now, but it’s the key moment in your whole plan. You can ruin it all with one bad shot.

And if you do – if you show him that he can have you without too much trouble, then there’s no going back from there. Your silent treatment will never work again.

So, be careful and think carefully. My advice is not to rush anything.

You don’t have to keep ignoring it. At this point, it’s safe to talk to him and see where it takes you. Whatever you do, don’t go overboard and declare yourself the winner before the battle is over.

Blow up your phone

There’s a difference between a man who buzzes you once and one who blows your phone up once he realizes he’s about to lose you.

While the former is more concerned with his pride and ego, the latter doesn’t care about any of those things – he just wants you to come back ASAP.

While this doesn’t happen as often as we would like, it is possible that your man will come to your door and beg to get back to you in the middle of the no-contact period.

This man calls you, texts you, is all over your inbox, tries to contact you on all social media apps, and even talks to your good friends about getting back to you.

I know: this case scenario is your dream come true. This is everything you could want, and it is what you expected once you launched this strategy.

When this happens, it means you followed the no-contact rule exactly as you should. But, the thing is, there is more to use than silence.

Women who achieve this result don’t just stay home, reach out, and wait for their ex to contact them in some way. They don’t put their lives on hold and waste their days wondering if this man will have the decency to understand his mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

Instead, they live their lives as if nothing has happened. Look, I know this seems almost impossible. You are heartbroken and nothing can make you forget your pain like this.

While no relationship expert can tell you exactly what to do to heal in the blink of an eye, everyone will tell you that improving your life is the smartest decision you can make under these circumstances.

Most women get a little lazy while they are in mourning, and that’s just natural. You feel like getting out of bed in the morning is the hardest thing in the world, so it’s perfectly normal that you don’t have any strength left to use the rest of your day in the most productive way possible.

Nonetheless, this is exactly what you need to do. In fact, every woman who got this result did just that: they made themselves desirable again.

It is not enough to be silent when this man is in question. Instead, you need to work on yourself and walk away from that relationship.

Let’s not forget that this isn’t the only relationship in your life right now. Leaving your ex isn’t the end of the world.

You still have your friends, your family, your job, your hobbies and most importantly: you still have yourself. So please change your focus a bit and watch out for all those things that were on the back burner while your romance went on.

You were so focused on the love life that you forgot about your own life outside of that relationship. Well, it’s time to change that.

You’ve accomplished your task after you’ve stopped communicating with your ex. Basically, there is nothing you can do from here except wait.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s up to you if you will use this waiting period as a chance to improve yourself or if you will hit the pause button in your life and let the days pass. before this man returns.

If you choose the first option, he’s more likely to come back to his knees. You know how to say – people tend to come back when you forget them.

In your case, you won’t erase him from your memory for good (wouldn’t that be adorable?) – you just won’t spend every second of your precious time obsessing over him.

If you can do this, your only job will be to make yourself happy. And, when that happens, your ex will feel your vibration, and they’ll be immediately drawn to you.

Believe me, when you do, that ex-boyfriend you’re trying to get over isn’t the only man who’ll want to reclaim his place in your life. All the other men around you will make an effort to approach you.

In fact, it’s likely that some of your other exes (I’m talking about guys you probably forgot about) will try to make their reappearance.

What should you do?

If you see that your ex-boyfriend (or almost) honestly regrets everything he’s done to you, you can give him another chance. After all, he wouldn’t beg if he didn’t want you to come back for real and if he didn’t mean to like you like never before.

When a man blows up your phone and does everything in his power to get an answer from you, it’s a sure sign that he has learned his lesson. At least for now.

Disclaimer: Despite your best efforts, please do not take this man’s behavior for granted. Even that is no guarantee that he will never leave you after he gets what he wants.

Give you a taste of your own medicine

What if he also decides to give you the silent treatment? What if you both played this game and it gave you a taste of your own medicine?

See, there are situations where a guy is dying to hear from you, but he just refuses to take the first step. This happens when you’re in a long-distance relationship, if the two of you have already broken up, or both of you are playing a hot and cold game.

If we are talking about an extremely stubborn guy, he would rather let grief devour him alive than do something against his pride.

This man doesn’t want to reach out first because he’s waiting for you to take the first step. He wonders, “Why doesn’t she contact me first?”

This is especially common if your ex-boyfriend is unaware of his mistakes. This man loves you – otherwise he wouldn’t go through all these dilemmas.

But he doesn’t consider himself responsible for your breakup. Either he thinks that you are the only culprit, or he is convinced that you both bear some responsibility.

When you’re involved with someone like him, it feels like your contactless strategy hasn’t worked. You assume the answer to the question, “Does a man miss silence?” is negative because you are not able to get the expected result.

What does a guy’s silence mean?

If you don’t receive any messages or phone calls from someone, is that a guarantee that they aren’t thinking of you? Does that mean he doesn’t miss you at all if he doesn’t do anything about it?

Well, absolutely not. For a second, let’s look at it from a different point of view.

I know you’re not a mind reader who has a magical way of getting into this man’s brain and figuring out what he’s thinking, but trust me when I tell you his actions don’t necessarily reflect the feelings of a person.

After all, let’s look at each other. You miss him – there is nothing to say about it. You want this man to come back, and you are a long way from getting over it.

However, your actions do not show it. You hardly do anything about your emotions.

Well let me tell you there is a huge possibility that he did the same. In fact, you both wait for the other person to break their vow of silence and put your romantic relationship above their pride.

What should you do?

Will that person be you? Do you end the contactless period first? Certainly not. Why? Because you can never be sure that your ex is giving you a taste of your own medicine because he loves you, but he’s too proud to show it.

Maybe, in fact, he’s testing you and wanting you to take the first step just so that he can continue to treat you badly once he gets you back. Or, at the end of the day, it’s also possible that he just doesn’t care about you anymore.

Either way, you’ve come this far and you’re not about to ruin everything you’ve built just because you think he might feel the same as you.

You have no proof of your claims, do you? As much as you want this option to be true, the point is, you can never be sure.

Basically you have two choices here. You can keep up the good work and keep ignoring it.

Whenever you catch yourself grabbing your phone with the desire to contact it, ask yourself, “Why isn’t he calling me?” Right now, what is preventing her from messaging me? ”

Remember: if he can take it all, so can you. If he can survive without you, you will survive without him as well. He’s no better than you and you shouldn’t give him what he wants that easily.

Believe me: if you are the first to relax, he will see himself as a winner. He’ll see this as a sign that he can play the mean game with you whenever he feels like it, because you’ll always be the first to give in.

What is the other option, you must be wondering? Well if you really can’t make it happen you can always send him a hint that you are thinking of him.

Do not contact him directly. Instead, just give him the green light so he can approach you.

You can tell your mutual friend that you dreamed about him. Or, if you know he’s always hiding on your social media profiles, just post a song that he knows and reminds you of it.

For a real man, that should be more than enough. If he was afraid that you would refuse him, then from now on, those fears will go away.

On the other hand, if he is consciously playing you, he will see this as an invitation to keep playing. In this case, do not continue this masquerade and return to your radio silence.

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