Dating with strict parents is like feeling like a thief in your own home. You can’t text or call your girlfriend and you find yourself running to the bathroom every time to talk to her every time she texts or calls you.
See their questioning eyes and makeup lies on this and that. And then going on dates means making up another series of lies where you also involve your close friends and they end up lying for you too. And then you have the impossible task of remembering which friend you lied about when and dealing with the mistakes that are bound to happen.
Dating when you have strict parents also means constantly cleaning up your phone. His text messages, call logs, emails and explanations on time interruptions.
Late night conversations are a big no-no. Having a friend who is a girl also raises suspicion. Strict parents are concerned with rules and regulations. If you get caught, you are dead.
Some parents find that relationships negatively affect and can distract you from important commitments. They feel that school and college are the time for academics and not for joking with girls. They also don’t want you to feel broken in case the relationship doesn’t work out. They see all relationships as suspicious and likely view the girl in a negative light (like she’s using you).
For this type of parenting, there is never the right age to start dating. They also want to control the type of girl who eventually walks into their home and therefore they want to be firmly grounded in the girl you take home, so they would prefer you to go with the arranged marriage route later. Having a girlfriend would then seem like an unnecessary complication.

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