If there is one thing that everyone knows to be true about relationships, it is that they are full of ups and downs and timid compromises and passive-aggressive adjustments. There’s always just enough tension in the air to turn little fights into something nasty, and while that isn’t always synonymous with unhappiness, it requires additional security measures. So, in case you messed up slightly and you’re SO doesn’t stop being cranky even if the fight is officially over, here are some pretty cute ways you can forgive them:

Get them food

People who have claimed that the path to someone’s heart is through the stomach have definitely reached gold. After all, there is nothing more attractive than the smell of food in the air, maybe even sheep biryani does exactly as your partner’s mother does.
Tip: In case you can’t cook to save your life and find yourself with a dark, crumbly lump instead of a cake, it may be time to place an order. your life will be hard-pressed to stay mad at your pretty face.
Take them shopping
It doesn’t matter if they often pretend not to shop. Everyone on this planet has something that turns their knees into jelly. Take your SO player to a game store, drag the book nerd to the nearest book paradise and your fashionista to watch the latest styles, and while you’re there, get ready to spend some cash. Look at it this way: the angrier they are, the lighter your wallet will feel afterward.
Tip: If they are too angry with you to agree to go anywhere or if you are too broke to operate, order something online. It could be their favorite game, a new book by their favorite author, etc. That way, you control how much money you spend while letting them know that you care about them and that you listen to them when they tell you something. Genius, isn’t it?
Write them a poem or a song
No matter how bad you are. What matters is the idea that someone has created something completely new with just for you. Trust me, to know that someone has spent so much time and effort and has done something that is the most limited edition ever for them and that does not feel extraordinarily amazing.

Arrange a ‘best friends only’ night in

If you are seriously considering doing this, the situation must be bad enough. I hope you have planned ahead and have the phone numbers of your partner’s best friends. Call them all, have a sleepover at home, make sure there is enough food and alcohol in the fridge, and make yourself scarce.
Tip: never decide to join their little party. Give them space to let off steam and relax. The madder they are against you, the more they will appreciate it.
Cancel them meetings and get ready to cuddle up
If all of your recent fights have focused on how you don’t seem to want to spend time together and how you always seem busy, it may be time to take a close look at your priorities. And in case they really are wrong when they claim that work is more important to them than them, it may be time that you show them that. Cancel all of the day’s work and ask them if they want to build a pillow box or wipe you out at their favorite game. Spend time with them, open up, eat a lot of junk food, cuddle, eat junk food again, watch a movie brimming with sleep and fall asleep tangled, exhausted and happy.

A day full of surprises

It will take time and creativity to be organized. Start small and build from there. Maybe place a nice card in hand next to their breakfast. Arrange for chocolates and / or flowers to be delivered to their office. Let them open their bags to find a homemade lunch and a message. By the time they get home, they should be much less angry than before. Perhaps give them a warm and relaxing massage before revealing the last surprise: an intimate and magnificent candlelit dinner, perhaps?

Just like old times

Now this one is for you if you suddenly realized that the honeymoon phase is over, so more fun. Just work and adjustments and fights from now on, right? False. Show how little has changed and how happy they make you by taking them on a date. Try to relive the first time you met: she in her sunflower yellow dress and you in your shorts and blue t-shirt. Perhaps a chance meeting in a bookstore about your favorite author? Or a steaming cup of tea and lots of laughs. Recreate your first day and your favorite experiences together as much as you can.
Fighting in a relationship is as inevitable as putting sand in your shoes on the beach. The trick is to let your lover know what they mean to you and how much you care. And remember: the smallest details can bring the greatest joy.

You don’t need to be extravagant to prove you care.

Just say sorry and mean it can help a lot to fix a lot. Also, have your puppy’s eyes on the point. In case.

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