Cancer and Pisces get along swimmingly, since both are sensitive, imaginative water signs.
Pisces opens up to sheltering Cancer with its maternal instincts and the promise of something enduring in romance. The big vulnerable fish eyes of Pisces bring out the protective mama or knight in shining armor in the Crab. Much will depend on how ready each is to overcome any trust hurdles and form a safe love zone.​
Both Cancer and Pisces are go with the flow types, but the cardinal Crab can set things in motion. Both tend to react, being water signs, so there can be delays as neither makes the first move.
Cancer understands when Pisces drifts off, tuning into some far-off melody. Both give each other a lot of time to lollygag. Standing guard over the solitude of the other, they both have space to calm their own inner waters.

Pisces in love is mesmerizing, accepting and at times, vulnerable.

Cancer in love is clingy, irrational and loving.


Some Fishes will seem too diffuse in persona, too slippery for Cancer, who don’t see anything to “cling” to. If Cancer tries to get Pisces to commit to revealing who the heck they really are, the latter, sensing danger, will quickly swim away. A key to this working is not trying to figure the other out — some things will remain enigmatic and unknowable.
Both absorb psychic impressions and energies while out, and can retreat together to the safety of home. Together they can explore music, the arts, and the Neptunian realm of the cinema. A deep bond forms when they trust the other to be the guardian of that vulnerable sensitivity. Cancer can be a guiding hand for Pisces, helping find tangible gifts for the imaginative world within. The gentle nature of Pisces puts Cancer in an unguarded frame of mind, opening their own creative potential. As collaborators, they’ve got an infinite well of emotional impressions and vivid images to draw from.
Prospects for long-term depend on how each manages their changeable emotional selves. Pisces has a tendency to escape in fantasy or addictions, and Cancer, wanting to protect and give of themselves, can become like the harried Mother to the Pisces little boy or girl lost.
Cancer is a cardinal sign, but with confidence problems and sensitivities of its own to manage. This is a sea of love, and both could end up drowning. Both can fall into deep depressions and have to guard against the relationship becoming stagnant. As long as the beautiful pools of sentiment don’t turn to swamps, this relationship is a definite love connection.
Upside: Lovers of enchantment, worlds of the imagination; deeply emotional; ESP — extra sensitive people; go with the flow types; sentimental, romantic; crave a safe nest; form bonds through memory, emotional impressions; artistic natures.
Downside: Secretive; recoil at imagined hurts; drug and drink issues; struggles with depression; each striving for emotional independence — blurry boundaries a challenge; sense of self is hard won.
Elements and Quality: Cardinal Water (Cancer) and Mutable Water (Pisces)

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