Who is the only person in this world who will not judge you no matter what you do? He’s your best friend.
In this world, there is no better person to do a stupid, reckless thing with. It just needs to be fun and doesn’t even have to be stupid or dangerous.
For some, the fun is pouring a bucket of ice water over your head, and for others, it’s lying on the sofa and watching movies all day.
Whatever challenge you decide to take, no matter how silly, funny or disturbing it is, it will bring you and your friend even closer to you and ensure you have the best time of your life.
On the other hand, you will create great memories together that you will remember for the rest of your life.
Here is a list of challenges that you should definitely do with your best friend.

1. Movie Marathon

Lay back, grab a tub of popcorn and your favorite friend, curl up on the sofa, and spend the rest of the night watching your favorite movies.
It will bring you even closer to each other and you will create a beautiful memory that you will talk about for years to come.

2. Pickle challenge

If you love pickles, then this challenge is for you. Long story short, the goal of the challenge is to eat a jar full of pickles and drink its juice.
Whoever eats the jar contents first wins the challenge. To make things more interesting, set a time limit and within the allotted time, whoever eats more pickles is the winner.

3. Travel across the country

There is nothing better than taking your friend across the country if you really want a memorable challenge.
There will be a lot of challenges on your journey and a lot of adventures and when you watch it, isn’t it better to have fun this way instead of hanging around your house scrolling your screen in boredom?

4. Say anything challenge

This game is best played with more friends, but it will work great if it’s just the two of you.
The game works like this: you have to say the first word that comes to your mind when it is your turn, and the person following you has to say a word that begins with the letter the first word ends with.
So, for example, if you said “car”, the other person would say a word starting with “r”, such as “riddle”. You cannot repeat the words and you cannot take a break.
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If someone breaks the rule, they will be punished and you can decide what type of punishment you will use.

5. Pinterest

Do you know all those cool things that you bookmarked on Pinterest? Well if you don’t try them out with your best friend then you will never do anything about them. Host a Pinterest party and learn about your crafting skills.

6. Eat it or wear it challenge

Take various foods and place them in a transparent bag. Each player must have a bag with the same foods in the same order.
The challenge begins when players take out a food and eat it or carry it until both players’ bags are empty.
The trick is, you can use smelly, sticky food, and whatever turns your friend off.

7. No mirror makeup challenge

Gather around your friends or your best friend and try the mirrorless makeup challenge. Basically, you have to do full makeup without using a mirror.
The result will be either absolutely hilarious or surprisingly awesome. To make things interesting, try going out for coffee afterwards. Include it in the challenge to see your bravery.

8. Treasure hunt

No, this is not a game for children. Send your friend to find certain objects in your city, leaving him with different clues or puzzles to solve in order to find them.
If she finds all the hidden objects, she receives a homemade dinner as a reward.

9. Tasting of dishes blindfolded

Put on a blindfold and try different foods your friend gives you. It’s pretty straightforward. You just have to tell by guessing what you are eating.
But be careful, because not all the foods you taste have to be delicious. This is the perfect game for your friend to come with you, but no hard feelings. It’s just a game.

10. No thumbs challenge

Stick your thumbs up and try to complete a series of challenges that your friend offers you. You’ll see, it’s not easy to do anything without using your thumbs.
You can try writing your own name, opening a bag of chips, or making a sandwich. And also, if you do this one with your lover, you can turn it into doing dirty things instead.

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