If you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure it’s because you want to create that amazing date to impress that special woman in your life, possibly for Valentine’s Day or maybe another special occasion. Well, as a woman who’s been out on quite a few dates myself, I’m pretty well-versed on what women want to see from the men in their lives.

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Let’s talk about some quick tips on how to create a date that she’ll never forget.

1. Surprise her.

Believe me, when I say, there is nothing sexier for a woman than a man who can create a special date entirely without asking her any questions, especially if it is a surprise. Create your plan, and make it at a time when she doesn’t have to be concerned with making any choices other than, possibly, what she should order – if you really know her well, you can even surprise her with your choice on that subject too (if she’s the type that would enjoy giving that control to you for this scenario). Make the day a mystery to her. Most women love to be surprised and pampered every once in a while.

2. Instead of just handing her a gift or flowers, Create an experience

Don’t get me wrong- gifts and flowers are amazing (and very few women don’t like them), but allow them to be just a part of the experience. If you know something special that would really excite her or that she’d love to get, give it to her – but include it in the experience. This could mean creating a build-up to the moment when she receives the gift, which means the anticipation will build and make the gift itself into something more interesting than just a present. Or, it could mean taking her out so you can enjoy together and bond further around, such as going dancing, going to a show that interests both of you, or experiencing anything that involves both of you together.

3. Give her your full attention.

When you’re with her, it really makes her feel special by paying attention to her fully. Do not be distracted by other thoughts, other people, or even by your phone. Make her feel that she is the only one who you are thinking of and who you want to be sharing that moment with. Every woman dreams of the man who is so attentive to her that he doesn’t even feel the need to pay attention to the outside world. Imagine how special and memorable you’ll be to her when you become that man; it will right away make you seem that much more attractive in her eyes. So, look into her eyes and make her feel that she’s the only woman you notice at that moment. This means no phones, no work calls, no other occupations, and definitely no checking for sports scores or checking out other women!

4. Be thankful for her presence in your life.

Even if you are the one who is creating these amazing atmosphere and potentially giving her special gifts, still thank her for being the incredible woman that she is. Imagine how good you’ll make her feel when you tell her how much you appreciate having her in your life. You can even further tell her exactly what you appreciate the most about her. It is a stupid and idiotic fact of life that we often forget to show true appreciation and connection to our partners and that we often walk around feeling under-appreciated. You telling her how special you feel she is will result in her realizing even more what a wonderful man she has by her side, a man who truly sees her for her best. It will make her even more devoted to being with you and to make you feel pretty wonderful too. Showing genuine feelings for her will create a special aura between the two of you and will also make this into an amazing time that she will remember for years to come.

5. Always make her feel extra-special

Whatever your interests are, and whatever you plan for her, it always helps if you put extra thought and good intention into making her feel extra-special. Do your best, genuinely, and put yourself into her shoes while considering what she would like and what would make her feel really good. Understand what will give her the greatest pleasure, and fill her day or evening with it. If this is a special occasion and you are thinking of giving her flowers or a gift, that’s great, but maybe add something special into that gift. Create a gesture that she will never forget if you want this special day to be memorable.

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