This year is full of changes for many zodiac signs, and there is one sign in particular that you shouldn’t be dating no matter what.
Just to be on the safe side, find out which zodiac sign combined with you makes a hell of a recipe for disaster:

Aries shouldn’t date a Capricorn

If you ask an Aries, this is the year the rules should be broken.
At the same time, Capricorn is doing everything by the book that will bore an Aries beyond measure.
Capricorn won’t look affectionately on Aries’ spontaneity and habit of doing everything at the last minute.
It might not sound like a big deal, but once those little things that bother them get bottled up, it’ll lead to a messy breakup.

Taurus shouldn’t date an Aquarius

Two strong personalities will be a match made in hell, especially this year as they both go through some serious life changes.
Taurus will not be able to deal with Aquarius’ lack of patience and recklessness. If they get together by chance, they will fight constantly.
Everyone will stay in their corner and there will be no room for compromise.

Gemini shouldn’t date cancer

For a Gemini, this is the year of self-exploration and the pursuit of pleasure.
They decided not to plan ahead and let things change. This is why they made plans to make the most of their single life.
Cancer is definitely a bad match as they crave stability and the emotions that Gemini are not able to provide right now.
At this point, Cancer’s wishes and lifestyle will be extremely boring for Gemini.

Cancer shouldn’t date a Libra

For this highly emotional sign, an even worse match than Gemini is Libra.
Libra is always trying to clear their mind and make sense of things so they are far from ready for a relationship.
Cancer is more than ready. They are ready to jump in and try something serious.
So if they get into a relationship with Libra, they will only be hurt by all the instability and indecision.

Leo shouldn’t be dating a Scorpio

While between the sheets these two fit together perfectly, they will fail everywhere else.
Their two egos are just too big at this point to fit into a single relationship.
Meeting a Scorpio will be too dramatic and too complicated for Leo. This year they need someone who gets them and whatever they’re trying to do.
Basically they need support, not competition and with Scorpio they won’t have that.

Virgo shouldn’t date a Taurus

All you need this year is kindness and consideration. And Taurus is undergoing so many changes that there will be days when they will miss both.
They ventilate and transfer all of their luggage to Virgo, and it’s just something they don’t need at the moment.
Virgos saw some lows last year, and now it’s time for highs.

Libra shouldn’t date Gemini

Both Libra and Gemini are on the path to self-exploration, so it’s not easy to combine two lost souls.
Although this is a momentary state that will pass up the chances of them being successful in maintaining a relationship this year are slim to none.
Plus, Gemini will have a lot of complaints this year on all kinds of things.
Libra will find them all absurd and over the top, and they will pile up until they start to fight – and we all know how Libra hates conflict, especially those that aren’t in demand.

Scorpio shouldn’t date a Sagittarius

While at first it may seem like they’ve found their soul mates in each other because they will have strong chemistry and attract each other, in the long run it won’t work.
This year, Scorpio is stepping out of their comfort zone. The walls they have built around their hearts are ready to fall and let someone in and experience true privacy.
Unfortunately, Sagittarius is not that person.

Sagittarius shouldn’t date a Virgo

The high expectations and plans of Virgo this year will not suit the adventurous Sagittarius.
Sagittarius is spontaneous and they will feel like living by Virgo’s rules only slows them down and suffocates them.
If they decide to connect with Virgo, they will end up resenting them.

Capricorn shouldn’t date an Aries

These two signs really shouldn’t be dating this year. Capricorn’s hard-working nature, dedication, and righteousness don’t go well with Aries’ impulsive nature.
Their relationship would feel like a war zone because they are unable to come to an agreement.

Aquarius shouldn’t date Pisces

Aquarius is very intelligent and likes to keep things grounded and real.
And if they respect each other’s individuality and way of thinking, they won’t make a good match with Pisces.
All the unrealistic and hypothetical ideas Pisces might have are going to hit the nerves of Aquarius and cause all kinds of argument and debate that neither of them really want.

Pisces shouldn’t be dating Leo

Pisces demand attention, a listening ear, and a grateful eye for all of those things they do and dream of doing.
On the other hand, Leo hates to lose the show and they are unable to give Pisces all the attention they need right now.
Knowing that they are appreciated and seen is important for Pisces, so that they can form a stronger bond with their partner.
They need depth.

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