Just how well do Aries and Gemini get along? Aries and Gemini crack each other up, and there will be few gaps in the conversation. Neither has much of a filter, so there’s likely to be many fun, spontaneous moments together.
There is a natural harmony here, a sextile, though there are significant differences. Aries is very concentrated, the first sign that brings the full force of its personality to bear in any situation. Aries in love is surge-like, with intense directed love energy.
Gemini is very changeable and multi-faceted, with an ability to tune in to many happenings simultaneously. Gemini in love plays mind games, and not necessarily maliciously. The sign of the Twins needs the freedom to see and be seen from different angles.
See the difference? Aries hits a target head-on, while Gemini does a Jedi mind trick on it.
Both are up on the most interesting things happening around town. They’ll keep it fresh with adventures galore, always thinking up new things to do. Good times! Lots of laughs! A great rapport, but only time will tell if a deeper heart connection is in the cards.

Fun and Games

The pairing of these two bright minds could lead to creative collaboration. Aries takes charge, and this works out okay since Gemini doesn’t need to be the boss. Gemini gets that life is a game, and is happy to be free of the burdens of being a leader.
If the Ram starts to be a bully, the trickster in the Gemini comes out, eluding capture and control, but seeing it as a game. The detached mind of the Twins can toss off these Arian plays for dominance, and soon they’ll be laughing again. But one word of warning for Gemini — the Aries fighting spirit comes out when they feel “played.”
As the sign of many sides, you might not mean to dance around how you feel and find it natural to have more than one thing going. Aries is direct and is energized by forceful engagement. This can make Gemini nervous, and opt for what appear to Aries as evasive measures. It’s only the butterfly style of Gemini, a sign that can be freaked out by intense one-on-one passionate encounters. If you find a way to ease into these moments, with trust, this settles the nerves of the flighty Gemini.

Grounding the Charge

If you watch a campfire and how it dances with the wind — this is Aries and Gemini. That makes this a relationship that requires a lot of substance to burn through. What’s fuel for this match is life itself — socializing, creative collaboration, sampling new exotic cuisines.
This pairing does well when there’s a shared sense of purpose. This helps to find a rhythm in daily life that is settled, despite the wild, excitable natures of Aries and Gemini.

Dark Side Astrology

The upside of Aries and Gemini: Titillating conversation, quick to try new things, always new, constantly reinventing themselves, fun-loving, socially connected.
The downside of Aries and Gemini: Easily distracted (wandering eyes!), easily bored, restless spirits, openly flirty, challenge to have staying power.
This match brings together Cardinal Fire (Aries) and Mutable Air (Gemini).

Aries and Gemini Love Stories

A reader writes: “I, an Aries girl, was with a Gemini boy for a couple of months. It was the most passionate relationship I’ve been in but it was also filled with lots of laughs because he was a huge goofball & brought that out in me. we ended though because he couldn’t keep his hands off other women and cheated on me. But he always knew the right things to say to me to get me falling for him. Even after the breakup, I find him trying to say sweet things to me. We also fought often and he would Just stop talking about the fight and go away.”

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