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Aries and Capricorn bring full engagement to love but have very different natures. There could be immediate tension since astrologically the Ram and Goat are at odds (square each other). They lock horns!

Taking Charge

The physical attraction has an edgy feel. The wariness of Capricorn could be enlivening to Aries, who loves the chase. But if Aries shows their true passionate nature (and why not), the self-controlled Capricorn add more stones to the wall that protects them.
Both are ambitious cardinal signs that take charge, and if the kinks are worked out, you’re looking at a power couple.
One major difference is that Aries rushes forward with Mars as planetary ruler, and Capricorn takes a more conservative stance with Saturn-as-ruler. They learn from each other if they don’t drive each other crazy first!
Aries in love is reckless, intense and spontaneous.
Capricorn in love is reserved, inward and a planner.
It takes trust and each knowing themselves pretty well. One good thing that could come out of this, even if it goes pear-shaped, is to know who you are, and what you need in relationships. Each could find that they can’t be who the other needs — it’s just not in them.

Rush and Reactions

Aries rushes out of the starting gate full of passion, while the more outwardly serious Capricorn takes a reserved approach. Capricorn will want to suss out the long-term potential, while Aries lives in the moment.
The Aries fire gets smothered by the heavy outlook of the Goat, and soon looks elsewhere for entertainment. Capricorn is alarmed by the pell-mell Aries lifestyle, preferring things to be more settled, planned out.
While these two may sense something very valuable in the other, there is also the hint of danger. This brings two strong-willed people together, each determined to be numero uno. It might work as a long-time friendship that blossoms into romance when both are able to handle the friction.
Capricorn can be a reserved lover, and retreat further into themselves, if there’s too much, too soon.
With Aries as the innovator and Capricorn the tycoon, this pairing makes a great business partnership and a sense of building a family dynasty. A formidable team, once each understands and respects the very different ways of the other.

Helping Each Other Through Darkness

The Ram has dark moods, and Aries even gets depressed, and often the antidote is to get moving again. Aries thrives on challenge and will come alive if they’re in a real or imagined competition.
Capricorn’s melancholy is heavier and has to do with carrying the weight of the world. Many Capricorns have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders that make them seem older than they are. Capricorn depression is like a cave with no light and might make Aries feel claustrophobic.
But Capricorn’s soulful side helps Aries play the long game, instead of going for instant gratification. Aries is a starter and Capricorn a never starts a project they don’t finish, making them complimentary. They may always be a bit unsettled by each other, but that can become a tension that provokes growth.
Aries and Capricorn Upside: Honesty; mover and shaker couple; strategists; passion and sensuality; strong libidos; confident duo.
Aries and Capricorn Downside: Capricorn smothers flames (inspiration) of Ram; competitive behavior; Aries grows impatient with conservative Capricorn; Aries optimist vs. Capricorn pessimist (or realist).
This brings together Cardinal Fire (Aries) and Cardinal Earth (Capricorn). Cardinal signs are the initiators. Fire signs are instinctive and active. Earth signs are material guys and girls, and very sensual.

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