There’s one thing I have to tell you about Scorpio guy: he can be a real jerk when he’s done with you. Don’t be surprised if he treats you abruptly or says something rude to you.
No matter how seriously you talk to him, he probably cuts the conversation off, suddenly screams, or acts unruly and inconsiderately.

How do you deal with this guy?

Perhaps you should consider leaving a Scorpio man alone in case he ignores you.
When his emotions take over, it is difficult for him to deal with things in a logical or reasonable way. If your Scorpio man feels you’ve done something terrible to him, he’ll be aggressive and crappy. So it’s better not to hurt him or you can’t live with him long term.

  • When a Scorpio man ignores you …
  • Why does the Scorpio man stop communicating?
  • What to do when the Scorpio man ignores you?
    1. Understand it
    2. Keep calm

Due to the personality traits of Scorpio, they are introspective and independent. If he’s withdrawing from you, it’s because he needs his own space to deal with his problems, stress, or workload.
Sometimes he is also distant from you if he feels irritated by the current relationship. This is when you will see it disappear for a while (a few hours or even a few days) to clear your mind.
It may not be fair to you, but there is no way to win back your Scorpio partner except to get to know and accept this trait. Okay, this guy in love is complicated so it takes a long time for you to fully understand him.
If you’re unsure whether or not the Scorpio man is ignoring you, here are some signs:

  • He will avoid talking to you a lot like he normally does
  • He will act from a distance and will not open his feelings with you
  • He will get angry every time you walk around him
  • He will stop making any kind of physical contact with you, even holding your hand or hugging you
  • He will say no to sex if he feels unhappy in love
  • When a Scorpio man feels the need to be alone, don’t interrupt. Ignoring you does not mean that he is no longer in love with you; thus, you should not take all of his withdrawals personally.
  • You should give him his time alone so that he can really feel how important your presence is to him.
  • If your Scorpio man is ignoring you, please don’t ignore him in return. Instead, you’d better be patient as this guy will definitely come back once he gets everything cleared up in his mind.

Why does the Scorpio man stop communicating?

The Scorpio man is normally attentive and responsive; however, he can sometimes become distant. Without saying anything, he disappears and ignores all your calls and messages, which often worries his partner.
Indeed, it is normal for this type to withdraw from his loved one.

What to do when the Scorpio man ignores you?

  • You realize that your Scorpio man has been quiet and aloof with you for a while, this is probably a sign that you have done something that may upset him.
  • If you notice he’s calm, sulky, or angry, just give him some space.
  • However, make sure that the alone time you give him does not last too long or you risk losing the connection between you and him; and as a result, the two can break in the end.
  • As I told you above, you shouldn’t ignore it in return, otherwise it will turn into a competition over who is better at ignoring each other. You will never win against the stubborn Scorpio either! Therefore, just be patient and text him every now and then to see how he’s doing – don’t bombard him too.

For example, if he comes back and acts like nothing has happened and it bothers you, talk to him directly. Have a serious conversation and express your true feelings, I recommend that you compromise with him so that this problem does not happen again.

1. Understand it

When your Scorpio man displays his deeds of disappearance, it could be due to many factors – it is possible that you are upset him, but he can be stressed because of other external things.
Unfortunately, this guy tends to take his anger out on the people he loves the most.
The reason is that he expects them to understand his behavior. In the relationship with you, he knows you love him so there is no chance that he will lose you.
Did I tell you this guy could be selfish?
In case you’re not the main reason for his disappearance, the best thing you can do is give him his own space. Never force him to explain everything, otherwise he may explode. Leave your Scorpio man alone and let him sort out his problem on his own.

2. Keep calm

The Scorpio man seems to go wild when he ignites his anger; that’s why he chooses to ignore you rather than start a conflict.
He doesn’t want to make the situation worse; thus, it disappears.
For this reason, it is necessary to give it space. If you don’t, then he can be mean and explode. If you have hurt him in the past, the Scorpio man can forgive but will never forget; and could resend it to you in that case.
So, leaving a Scorpio man alone is actually a good idea when he ignores you or gets upset about certain things.
Don’t try to make a Scorpio miss you as they will definitely come back once they have made up their minds.

Ultimately, isn’t it a compromise relationship, is it?

If you want a long term relationship with the Scorpio man, you have to build it on the basis of compromise and understanding from the start. There is a saying, “Distance makes the heart more loving,” and that applies exactly to this confusing guy.
For any questions about the Scorpio man and the solutions on how to deal with a distant Scorpio man, leave your comment below.

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