When you are (or have been) involved with someone belonging to this horoscope sign, one of the first questions you ask yourself is “Are Pisces men jealous?” This is what every woman in this world wants to know, so be honest.
Even though possessiveness is not a positive trait, let’s admit that we all see healthy jealousy as a clear sign that a man is in us. Not only that: you see it as a sign that he’s afraid of losing you.
Well, that’s exactly why I am bringing you the answer to the question: are Pisces men jealous? And not only: here is also a tutorial on how to make him jealous as well as a detailed description of his actions when jealously.

How do Pisces men act when they are jealous?

What does a Pisces man look like in a relationship? In a woman, what is this guy looking for?
Finally, how do you know if a Pisces man is jealous? Well, most guys behave the same when they’re afraid of being replaced. Well, almost everyone except those belonging to this zodiac sign.
It’s quite difficult to understand what’s going on in the mind of a Pisces man. He hides his jealousy admirably, and that is why you have to be an expert to get to the bottom of this man’s thoughts.
Well luckily that’s why I’m here: to reveal all of her deepest and darkest secrets to you.

1. The art of seeing things invisible to others

But, I mean really get to know her inside and out.
The thing about Pisces women and men is that they are extremely perceptive. They notice things that another sign wouldn’t even see.
But, when they are jealous, their art of seeing what is invisible to others becomes even stronger. When everything is normal, they notice things unconsciously and unintentionally. Ironically, Pisces don’t care to pay attention to it.
However, everything changes when he begins to suspect that something is wrong. This is when this guy willfully activates his abilities.
First, you will notice that this man is literally watching you. It’s like he’s trying to read your mind and see everything that is hidden there.
What is he trying to accomplish?
It does its best to analyze all of your behavior changes, and to do so, it tracks every step you take. Never underestimate the ability of a Pisces to notice something.
This man has incredible peripheral vision. Therefore, he can be sitting next to you pretending to watch TV while actually using his peripheral viewfinder to read your text messages on the phone.
You might assume he’s reading a book, but he’s actually seeing everything through his central vision. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can do whatever you want while he sleeps.
Believe me: even then, his brain works 24 hours a day. If he wants to find out something, sooner or later he will find out.
The worst part is that you will never realize that he is watching you all the time. In this phase, he will not say anything or make any remarks about your behavior.
In the meantime, it collects all the data. He must be sure if he has a reason to doubt or if he imagines everything.

2. His indecision is caused by one thing: fear

A Pisces water sign is ruled by Neptune. But let’s not forget that this is the last sign of the zodiac. With that in mind, it shouldn’t surprise you that they have at least one personality trait from each sign.
Even though Libra is known as the most indecisive zodiac sign of all, Pisces isn’t far behind them. This is, without a doubt, the trait they got from Libra.
A lot of people don’t see a Pisces like this, but trust me when I tell you that a Pisces has an incredibly difficult time making decisions, even when we’re talking about the dumbest thing ever.
They are sometimes difficult to understand because Pisces hide this side of theirs. They often manage these struggles on their own, without allowing others to notice their inner battles.
A Pisces guy becomes extremely indecisive when he’s afraid of losing you to another guy. He doesn’t know what the smartest thing to do is.
Should he follow his heart? Should he listen to what his reason tells him? Should he give in to his insecurities? Should he be proud of his feelings?
Should he act on the things he has achieved? Or is it better to remain silent and act like there is nothing wrong with your relationship so that you have enough time to collect additional information?
Is his jealousy even reasonable? Does he imagine things and see things that are not there?
Or do you make a fool of him from the start? Is it better for him to end up as possessive jealous or a clown that you can play with however you want?
Is it better for you to view his self-confidence issues or see him as dumb?
Why is he like this?
The main thing is that he doesn’t know what to do next. This man becomes a prisoner of his own mind.
At the same time, he knows he has to react as quickly as possible. It’s not like he can leave things like this forever.
What is at the heart of these insecurities? In fact, it’s very simple: fear.
Pisces are not as brave as they want to appear to others. Instead, they spend most of the time clarifying their decisions, fearing that they are not making the right choice.
They are afraid to regret their choice later. They hate risk and are usually not brave enough to take it.

3. The first step in good reporting is to take a good look

Don’t ask me, “Are Pisces men jealous?” The best question is: “How good are the detectives?” In this case, the answer is: excellent.
Truth be told, Pisces have no shame when jealousy takes over.
They forget the moral values by which it is unacceptable to browse other people’s affairs, follow them everywhere, or invade their privacy in any way.
Theoretically, Pisces know very well that their behavior is not acceptable. They are not curious by nature and generally respect the personal space and privacy of others.
But, when jealousy takes over, everything changes. They cannot control themselves and are willing to do whatever they can to get to the bottom of it and find out if their doubts are reasonable.
Their first target will always be your phone, but other devices and gadgets are also not safe or protected. A Pisces man will read your text messages and go through your call logs to try to find anything suspicious.
In fact, he could go so far as to create a fake social media account to hit you. You know the drill: it will follow you, and it will like your photos and status updates before finally contacting you.
When he contacts you, he will examine your loyalty. Are you ready to chat with this stranger or are you going to refuse him to hit you because you are loyal to your boyfriend?
Still, your Pisces boyfriend won’t stop there.
It will rummage through your clothes (looking for signs of other men’s perfume), through your notes and your schedule (looking for an “empty” space that you could use for an affair), through your playlist (looking for sad songs about unhappy love) … The list goes on and on.
Why is he doing this?
The reason is actually quite simple. Due to his indecisive nature, a Pisces guy has a hard time deciding on his next move.
Despite what his intuition might tell him, he still needs some solid evidence. He needs valid evidence that will help him solve this dilemma. He is looking for clues that will show him the way.
Also, he would never confront you unless he was sure you were doing something behind his back, not because he likes you and doesn’t want to charge you for crimes you didn’t commit.
Instead, he wants to be sure, because falsely accusing you would drive all his insecurities to the surface.
There you are, who did nothing. And then there’s him, obsessed with whether or not you’re unfaithful. Well, only a man who doubts his worth would have those doubts without any solid basis.

4. His mood swings don’t ask permission before they change

One of the first symptoms of jealousy in a Pisces man is mood swings that he seems unable to control. Not only that: it’s also something that will affect you the most as a partner.
This guy is frustrated with everything that is going on around him. On the one hand, he is humiliated if you are unfaithful.
Different scenarios cross his mind and each one is darker than the last. According to him, you are not the only one making fun of him because of this matter.
Everyone around him, including his best friends and family, knows it. Everyone, except him, of course.
And the worst part is that everyone is laughing at him behind their backs. People look him straight in the face without saying a word about your infidelity to him because they prefer to laugh at him.
Every time he closes his eyes he sees you having an amazing time with your lover.
You tell your lover all the things he was dying to hear from you, you take him to all the places you have visited with him, and you plan to leave him.
In the meantime, your lover is also laughing at him. Everyone compares them, and there’s always the same conclusion: this other man is way better than your Pisces boyfriend.
Oh, you can’t even imagine what kind of hell this guy is going through. At the same time, he continues his detective work.
Let’s face it: who wouldn’t be frustrated in this kind of situation? Who wouldn’t feel miserable having to wake up next to the person they don’t trust?
Well, it’s not like he can’t leave, right? Well, that’s the catch – he’s sure of nothing and he’s not willing to break things up just because he has doubts.
Don’t get me wrong: I’m not trying to justify it. After all, you haven’t done anything, and now you put up with the mood swings and the anger of someone directed at you.
But I’m just asking you to do your best to figure it out. Keep in mind that this is something he cannot control as much as he would like.

5. They drown in their own storm

These mood swings are in most cases followed by this man’s emotional breakdown. Don’t worry: he won’t literally go crazy or anything like that.
Nonetheless, it will change. He will drown in his own storm and sink into despair.
Let’s not forget that this is a Pisces we are talking about. This zodiac sign is ruled by emotions. As much as their minds and feelings fight against each other, their hearts always take victory sooner or later.
This man takes everything too seriously. He is capable of making a big deal out of literally nothing.
He is deeply moved, even though he puts a lot of effort into trying to hide that side of his. But, you should be aware that a Pisces is extremely vulnerable and sensitive.
Doubts, self-pity, and insecurities make the most of it, and all of this, combined with a tender heart, can often lead to a catastrophic combination with devastating consequences.
Fish are prone to depression. Often times, they find it difficult to process their seemingly bottomless emotions.
This zodiac does not feel sadness like the others. Each of their emotions is intensified and stronger than those of the other signs of the horoscope.
Let us not forget either the pessimism of Pisces. While they are one of the most emotional and sensitive signs, they are also the greatest pessimists in the entire zodiac.
What does this mean in your situation? Well when the guys in Pisces get jealous and even consider the possibility that you are unfaithful and end up leaving them, they see it as the end of the world.
For them, there is no positive outcome in this situation. They are convinced that everything around them is falling apart, which almost always results in their internal crash.
After all, a Pisces is always in sync with the world around them, and it’s inevitable that they ignore the issues in their life.
He is an over-thinker who needs a little time on his own to process his emotions. At this point, he doesn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.
But, the problem is, despite all his doubts, he still won’t share anything with you. Instead, it will do the exact opposite: it will distance itself.
However, he will not physically move away from you. In fact, this is the time when he will be more alert than ever, always looking for clues.
It will take you away emotionally. He will build thick walls around his heart that you won’t be able to jump on as much as you try.

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