Quirky people make the best partners because they are unique, exciting to be around, and true to the essentials. There are many more reasons why you should date a quirky person and you will find them all below.
Let’s face it. No one wants to be with someone who is boring or has nothing specific about their personality that will set them apart from the rest.
After all, these quirks and flaws are what makes us, in a way, perfect. Our imperfections become perfections in the eyes of the beholder, and someone who loves us will love us for who we really are.
Different personality traits are what make people fall in love with you, and the more comfortable you are about yourself, the more you will shine and attract others.
In short, the more comfortable you are with your flaws and quirks, the more attractive you will be to others.

What does an eccentric person look like?

To be eccentric is to be weird, but in a good way. People with eccentric personalities are most often referred to as eccentric, unusual, odd, and even weird, but the truth is, they miss the big picture.
People with quirky personalities are interesting and intriguing. They have a unique way of thinking and solving problems. They’re not afraid to play strange instruments, wear different clothes, have unusual hobbies, or say whatever they want to say.
These people aren’t afraid to be who they really are, and that’s HOT. Quirky is the hot new. Period.

What is an example of an eccentric?

If you look around you will find several examples of quirks and not just one. Here are some interesting examples:

  • Pretend you’re strangers in your own town
  • Having weirdly questionable conversations (my favorite)
  • Have outrageous dress codes
  • Have a weird laugh, etc.

Some famous people who exhibit bizarre behavior include Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, Zooey Deschanel, Charlie Sheen, Frank Chu, etc.
Weird behavior involves applying the weirdness to some or all aspects of one’s life. It’s about having a unique style and expressing yourself without fear of what others will think of you.
When it comes to dating and relationships, eccentric people are the best partners. Period.

This is why eccentric people make the best partners

1. Quirky people introduce you to new things

Quirky people live for the feeling of trying new things and tour the world.
That is why they will always bring something new to the table and make you participate in different kinds of fun couple activities that you will certainly enjoy.
Also, they won’t take “no” for an answer because if you don’t try, you can’t say you don’t like it. They will always take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to show off your moves.
Quirky people are people who not only get satisfied by watching the snow fall, but instead will jump in the snow and take you with them.
Plus, you will always learn something new about them even if you think there is nothing more to say.

2. Their strange habits make them unique

They may have different OCD such as an excessive urge to wash their hands or different habits like compulsively eating their favorite candy or putting things in the specific order they envisioned, but it all makes them unique.
Every time they do some of their “rituals” it will make your heart beat faster. Their weird habits turn into the cutest things you’ve ever seen done, and their wild spirit is really hard to resist when it comes to that.
They will never pretend to be something that they are not just to fit the definition of “normal”.

3. They are exciting to be with

Eccentric people turn everything into pleasure and every second spent with them is more than worthy.
These trivial activities like going to the store will never have the same meaning again after you experience it with them.
They will always make your day, regardless of activities and other factors that may influence your time spent together.
Quirky people don’t take themselves seriously, and this is truly a great trait that one could never possess.
They “relax” in life and are not afraid of what tomorrow will bring them, as eccentric people have the ability to easily adapt to almost anything. And that’s what makes them really exciting to be with.

4. Your conversations are pleasant

Quirky people will never just nod their heads at everything you tell them. They will always make sure to say what they want to say and to contradict you if necessary.
You can forget about those trivial and boring conversations, because with them you will have an unforgettable time even if you are just discussing the colors of your t-shirt, movies on Netflix or something more serious like health issues. mental.
They prefer face-to-face conversations (rather than over the phone or text). They know when it’s time to have meaningful conversations, and they also understand when you need your time alone.
They won’t be arrogant or needy because eccentric people always have something to do. They always seem busy as they devote their passion to many different activities.

5. Their quirk is what makes them so HOT

A quirky girl or quirky guy will show their weird side in anything they do, including in bed.
They’ll show you a birthmark on the most unusual place when you least expect it, they’ll show you the strangest TV shows, and they’ll never stop wowing you with their cheesy take on it.
They have their unique approach to everything, and you’ll realize that when you find yourself doing things you never imagined doing.
They will force you to push your limits and become the best type of yourself.
If you play the truth or dare with them, make sure that they will accomplish what you asked of them because they just live for it.
They live for the excitement of waiting for you to come home and show you their latest invention.
They live for the smell of rain. They live to make you happy with their cute gestures and special way of thinking and perceiving things.

6. They have a mischievous sense of humor

No matter how difficult and exhausting your day is, they will always find a way to make you smile with their unique sense of humor.
And they will even do it without trying because their appearance is something that will make you smile, even when you are the least able.
For example, they will wear gloves in between summer just because their hands are cold. They will always find unusual ways to solve problems that will always brighten up your day.
The way they talk, dress and walk will always remind you that you are home, and that will be enough to liven up your day.
Quirky people aren’t even aware of their abilities to make someone’s day better by just saying a thing or two.
They are also very good at comforting others because they just know how to find triggers that will make you feel better instantly.

7. Eccentric people are loyal to the core

I know people think eccentric people get bored easily with their partners because it’s in their nature to explore. But this is not true.
When they like someone, they’ll make sure they find a way to keep things interesting, and they’ll stick to the basics.
They don’t like lies, deceit or falsehood. If they don’t like anything about you, they’ll tell you. But, they also expect you to tell them if they’re boring or something else.
Quirky people understand other people’s emotions, and they don’t take offense if you tell them that you would like to have time for yourself.
They won’t get jelly immediately, thinking you’re about to cheat on them or leave them. If you trust them, they will trust you and that’s it.

8. They enjoy life

Quirky people enjoy life like no one else can. They find joy in the little things and are always optimistic about their goals. They won’t let you give up if you’re feeling weak right now.
No matter what you choose to do, they will always support your choices if that is what is making you happy right now.
They won’t accuse you of being immature or weird because they know what it feels like to be judged by other people for doing something you love, even if it is considered unusual.
They will understand your desires and help you make your dreams come true, because your happiness means theirs.

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