1. She is ambitious

Besides helping a man achieve his dreams and goals, the perfect woman also has her own goals. The perfect woman has a clear vision for her future and pursues it with determination. It doesn’t have to be a job or a career, just something she’s passionate about. Men are drawn to women who challenge their thoughts, stir their emotions in a positive way, and give them a chance to make their money. An intelligent woman knows how to choose her battles diplomatically. This is what helps her become a winner in the game called life. An ambitious and mature woman is someone with whom a man can face the world. A partner in the relationship – and in life.

2. She is consistent

Being consistent is amazing because it lets your significant other know that you are who you say you are. This lets a guy know that you aren’t putting on a fake character in the first few months of a relationship, and you won’t suddenly transform once the two of you are comfortable with each other. In this context, consistency is the opposite of volatility. If someone is unstable and unpredictable, it’s hard to predict how that person will act towards you on any given day, and it gets annoying no matter how good-looking.

3. She is empathetic and understanding

Being supportive, compassionate, and encouraging towards your other half plays an important role in building a successful and happy relationship. No one wants to be with someone who’s a Debbie Downer all the time. Men want women to support them in their efforts or in their difficult times. Life is full of hardships and challenges that any strong couple can face together, especially a married / seriously engaged couple. Men sometimes also need a shoulder to cry on.

4. She’s ready to make the effort

Giving in a relationship is important, but it is imperative that it stays true both ways. It doesn’t have to be a lot. A woman can show that she’s committed to the relationship as well by doing something as simple as sometimes swiping her credit card at the waiter to pay for dinner. It’s true that sometimes the romance in long-term relationships wears off, but it shouldn’t be. When a woman continues to be the person she was when she first started dating, it shows that she cares about keeping the guy she loves. Plus, it’s just as important to show each other that you appreciate the effort each of you put in. Being taken for granted leads to resentment.

5. She has values similar to him

Our value system often stems from our upbringing and what our parents taught us. The things we find and don’t find important, the things we believe in and don’t believe in, and the way we treat others as well as ourselves. It doesn’t matter how attractive a person is. If their values don’t match yours, you’ll still be dissatisfied in the long run.

6. She is sociable and friendly

Men like to be sociable and like to have their partner by their side. So naturally they hang out in bars or restaurants together and sometimes bump into people they know. However, men don’t want to worry about the attitude their girlfriend or wife might give to their friend. They don’t want their partner to turn their noses or be sassy or short with loved ones. It is important that she defends her image in front of others. Needless to say, man must also possess the same qualities. He should offer the same courtesy and respect to his family, friends, coworkers, and everyone else in his life.

7. She’s funny and has a sense of humor

It will always be a priority for any man. Men generally work hard, take a lot, and are serious. They need a woman who knows how to put a smile on their face when things aren’t working out. We already know how attracted women are to men who have a good sense of humor, but it’s just as important for men. In fact, if a man has a great sense of humor, he will be mostly lost for a woman who is too stiff or dry. It could also cause problems if he often joked and was funny, and she is mostly serious. She will surely get annoyed with her personality sooner or later. It is important for a couple to be playful and pleasant with each other. This not only lightens the mood, but also makes time together more fun. Laughing together never gets old.

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