Before you settle down, make up your mind. Learn what you like, what you don’t like, what matters. Make mistakes and fall in love. Get lost, get annoyed and get together. No one said it was going to be perfect or easy, but you will thank yourself down the road. Here are the 64 things you absolutely must do before you “settle”:
1. Go on a trip – by yourself.
2. Learn to drive a manual. Yes, it’s terrifying. Do it anyway.
3. Learn to appreciate relationships, even if they are not meant to be. Not everyone who enters your life will stay.
4. Randomly buy a book from the bookstore and read it all, no matter what it is.
5. Learn how to cook a family recipe perfectly.
6. Leave. Fucking. Go. Whatever it is, it holds you back and ruins your glow … let it go. It won’t help you go any further in life, so throw it out the window and try again.
7. Spend an entire week without your cell phone. And don’t be dramatic. It’s not so bad.
8. Plan a dream vacation for yourself and your closest friends. Spend time bathing in the happiness of true friendship and good weather.
9. Visit a nudist beach.
10. Save an animal (any animal) from the shelter and make them your best friend. Shelters have much more than dogs.
11. Spend a weekend with your parents and remind them that you love them. This is the reason why you are who you are.
12. Help your best friend plan their wedding.
13. Skinny diving is fun – do it at least once.
14. Practice meditation. Make a retreat if you can. You have no idea how much it will help you to take root.
15. Go watch the stars.
16. Take a tour of the wine and get a little tipsy. Flirt with the guide if you want.
17. Train for something… A marathon, triathlon, long-distance swimming – whatever. Commit.
18. Save money for things you’ve always wanted. Even if it’s all a paycheck …
19. Spend an entire weekend watching your movies in your pajamas.
20. Learn to mix the perfect drink. Then invite your closest friends to show off your skills.
21. Buy a drink from someone else at the bar – just because you’re nice.
22. Survive grief. It will hurt. It will suck. But you are much stronger on the other side.
23. Calculate your finances. Trust me, when you have savings together when you are ready to settle in, you will thank yourself for being prepared for the future while living in the present.
24. Live alone.
25. Break a bad habit.
26. Go on a summer adventure. Nothing serious – but something fun.
27. Review a high school reading list. Chances are you will enjoy it more when you don’t have to read it.
28. Learn what you like in bed. Sex is far too important for it to be poor.
29. Drive a sports car.
30. Make mistakes and acknowledge them.
31. Do your best to learn a new language. You don’t have to be perfect, but at least you’ve tried.
32. Go see a movie, alone.
33. Travel as much as you can.
34. Do something you hate. Not something you don’t like, something you hate. Have an open mind and see if you can change your point of view.
35. Take the negativity out of your life. Be it people, things, habits or places. Do what you need to do to be surrounded by positivity.
36. Spend an evening with friends that end with laughter and drunken hugs.
37. Eat better.
38. Grow your own food.
39. Take care of your body. It means your skin, your hair, your teeth, your belly – everything. It’s your house.
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40. Learn to listen. Like really listening.
41. Believe in something. It doesn’t have to be church or religion. But find something you really believe in and let it shape you.
42. See you blind.
43. Find out how to keep a house clean. No one should live in a pigsty.
44. Hold your best friend when he is heartbroken.
45. Learn to appreciate loneliness.
46. ​​Become comfortable in your own skin. You are too young and too good to waste your time feeling insecure.
47. Book a one-way flight and find out when you arrive.
48. Stop tanning. Your skin is precious.
49. Spend more time outdoors.
50. Swim in the ocean. It doesn’t matter which one. But at least one of them.
51. Do something you never thought you would do. (Like skydiving…)
52. Get a tattoo that will always make you smile.
53. Learn to sew. You will really appreciate it when your pants need a hem and you don’t have time to wear it to your grandmother.
54. Be patient. Not everything will appear as it should.
55. Find out what your favorite wine is. Red? White? Pink? It will take time, but it will be fun.
56. Learn to show real appreciation, both verbally and through your actions.
57. Establish your career a little. You don’t have to be in the top 30 under the 30s, but set and target yourself.
58. Decorate the place of your dreams. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first home or a small one, give your best to make it that place of dreams.
59. Remove certain social media. You don’t have to delete everything, but cut the links with the apps that make you fall.
60. Learn to show your emotions. Crying is fine.
61. Spend a weekend camping. Like real camping. No glamping in a motorhome – we are talking in a tent on the ground…
62. Learn to take care of your mental health. Everyone’s self-care habits will be different but prioritize them.
63. Fall in love.
64. Give someone a second chance. Who knows, it could be the best decision of your life.

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